Mikael and Tranquility

Hey guys,

I’ve been listening to a recent discussion with Robert Baloh about all of this migraine garbage and he mentioned that some of the best research in the world right now --complete genetic research – is happening under Dr Aarno Palotie MD PhD, from Finland.


He travels between UCLA (collaborates with Baloh), Oxford and Oulu, Finland. Not sure if you’ve heard of this guy but given the crappy doctors you’ve come across in Sweden, maybe this is the guy you should try to catch up with. Palotie has just completed a big genetic study where he discovered a new gene behind all of this (unpublished data at the moment). He would certainly understand what it is you’re dealing with.

I don’t know if he sees patients in Finland or not (probably does) but the driving distance to Oulu from Stockholm is just under 1,000 clicks. Not exactly close but doable.

Baloh also mentions another guy in Denmark he labels the world expert on migraine:

Tom Skyhøj Olsen , MD
The Department of Clinical Physiology/Nuclear Medicine, Bis-pebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark.


ps. a nice review Palotie published in 2004:

Ann Med. 2004;36(6):462-73.
[size=130]The molecular genetics of migraine.[/size]
Wessman M, Kaunisto MA, Kallela M, Palotie A.

thanks a lot for the tip scott. :slight_smile: