Mild headache above eyes?

I have had a mild headache above my eyes, and it hurts a little if I move my eyes. Does this sound like a migraine? I have been doing lots of reading, and have been straining my eyes a lot. Im not sure if its an eye strain headache or migraine.

I get this from time to time, and usually appears to happen in conjunction with an increase in my vertigo symptoms. I can really feel a build up of pressure behind my eyes. It feels like i have been reading too much and i need to rub the back of my eyes to relieve the pressure :slight_smile:

I don’t see why we would want to assume or even suspect it’s migraine-related when it’s a mild headache, absent other symptoms.

When I would move my eyes, the pain would become moderate. But it would go away if I would close my eyes and not move them. I had some nausea, but I dont know if it was caused by my motion sickness, or the headache.

This is basically the first headache Ive ever had. So it has me a little worried. I just had perilymph fistula surgery this week and Ive been really dizzy since then. I am worried that MAV might be playing a role…