Milk - migraine diet

Hi All,

now that I am on the migraine diet and have been for nearly a month, I am really wondering whether not drinking milk has more negative effects than positive.

How else can we get enough calcium?

I literally have no cheese, milk, or other dairy products… not sure if we are allowed soy?

Hello mate.

Your on Dr S diet so Soy is fine. I prefer the unsweetened soya milk for my Tea and cereal. You get used it it :smiley: … alcium.php … in-d-foods

is cereal allowed mate?

yeah cant see why not as long as it sticks to the diet. I have porridge!!

these look OK … detail.htm

‘‘Sugar Puffs are also low in fat, low in salt, and are guaranteed to be free of artificial colours and preservatives.’’

Goats milk is fine on the diet my physio and neuro told me. I have goats milk with porridge in the mornings. Soy is also fine - although watch out for flavoured ones as alot of those contain MALTODEXTRIN which is a naturally occuring MSG x

I eat a lot of fresh spinach and sprinkle sesame seeds on most of my food (a 1/4 cup of sesame seeds provides, I believe, up to 35% of your daily calcium intake). I also take a calcium / magnesium supplement. Sardines are also high in calcium if you can get over the fishy taste. 'They’re not one of my favourite foods.

Pana - just as a note - the migraine diet suggests avoiding sesame seeds - apparently they’re a trigger for alot of people x

I read that nuts are a trigger and avoid these religiously. Seeds are in a bit of a grey zone. Sesame seeds are okay for me but pumpkin seeds are off limits. That was a lesson learned the hard way.

How interesting, it’s crazy isn’t it! the diet i’m following says no to sesame and yes to pumpkin!! IS there no winning!!

:lol: It’s crazy, yes.

I think it’s trial and error. Pumpkin seeds laid me up in bed for three days. I just shudder at remembering the whole experience. I ended up feeding them to the squirrels in my back yard with the silent blessing that I hoped they would do much better with them than I did.

Sorry, I also forgot to mention in regards to the pumpkin seeds (and a lot of the other non-gluten grains) that there is the risk of cross-contamination with gluten containing items in the manufacturing process. They have done batch testing on non-gluten grains, seeds and so forth and found that they do contain gluten. The current standards are they can say that something is gluten free if it tests below 20 ppm. However, some people are still sensitive to the lower amounts. The study that established the 20 ppm million guidelines was done on healed celiacs who might have been able to withstand the smaller amounts. It did not do testing on newly diagnosed/newly healing celiacs or non-celiac gluten intolerance people.

Here’s an article on a study done on cross-contamination: … lours.aspx

According to the David Buccholz diet, milk is ok. I have always used milk and soft cheeses, pure butter without a problem.
I guess it depends what diet you follow and also on your individual triggers :smiley:

Just as an added point - i have cottage cheese every day as a MAV friendly lunch - low fat and healthy - and i’ve been fine if not better no that. I also have feta sometimes which is fine too

Shredded wheat is the safest, healthiest cold cereal, presuming you are not avoiding gluten.

I have tons of dairy each week–more than a gallon of skim milk; a few quarts of lowfat cottage cheese, notfat American cheesoid, plus lots of egg white, but I still was low on calcium, damn it,according to blood tests. My doc started me on a gram+ a day in pills plus Vit D; blood came up to normal.

I’m a West Country Girl born n bred and for me ‘milk’ comes from a mammal’s udder not a plant. For better or worse I have yet to even try to give it up. Surprised as I was to read of ‘Potato Milk’ I thought this an informative article.