Mini pill causing a flare after a week?

Only one more day of heat to go! I’ve got through an amazing array of trash TV in the dark with a fan today! :joy: Kirsty if you’re in West Yorkshire I’d be totally up for meeting for a coffee in mid Sept. Ill be there for around 2 weeks just waiting for our surrogate to go into labour. Will be in the Batley sort of area. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sounds like a plan to me!! Give me a heads up nearer the time. I’m useless with dates, but there is a Starbucks in Batley we could go there? If it’s not too much of a trigger? Xx

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Great! Ill get in touch closer the time! :heart_eyes: x

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Deffo :sparkling_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So nice that you can meet up!! Xx

Wow!! What exactly is this and how do you get it? Is it an infection or virus? Was this the cause of the relapse this whole time? Interesting.

I have heard it’s hot over there. Although those sorts of temps are the usual here in summer, most have air conditioning. This is the hardest part for you guys I hear. Keep cool

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:hot_face: was rough. We’re not used to this! I guess global warming means we’re all heading for air conditioned homes too…

I don’t think it was caused by the ear issue as this came after the attack however it could have been starting then certainly.

It’s called Eustacian tube dysfunction and it’s when mucus builds up in the tube and distorts your hearing/ balance and gives you full crackly ears. The first line treatment is usually a steroid nasal spray - so I’m using that, I have had this before though. It’s hard to tell whether head movement is triggering my dizziness or the ear issue :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

What’s your verdict Kirsty, was it the infection, the ADHD med or the mini pill that caused the flare? Are you still taking the meds?

Hey Springer

How are you?

Truth be told, I really don’t know what triggered me, it seems for me a flare up starts with worsening symptoms daily and I don’t usually rest up and relax so perhaps that’s why? It’s hard to for me to rest up a lot and I do try and push on. I was speaking to my brother and he said to me what is going to happen will happen regardless. Still, I think resting is a good thing! I’m hoping to start Venlafaxine soon alongside my Amitriptyline so hoping that I will have more control with the combi. I’ve also requested to start Ajovy soon, waiting for my clinic letter.

I stopped the mini pill and Elvanse 2 weeks ago today and I’m able to carry out normal activities again, still migrainy on and off but not to that degree. I was a passenger yesterday in the car and that started a migriane off :nauseated_face:

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Eugh car journeys when dizzy are the worst! Glad you’re feeling better overall. I’ve been in bed all day. My period seems to be ramping up. Just so holing to get it over and done with and hopefully improve! Im thinking about going on the Nuva ring. Less hormones as its localised and I used it for ages when I was in my early twenties so maybe it’ll be ok!

I’m not an any preventatives, but sounds like you’ve got a plan with the venlafaxine and anjovy. Hope you keep improving!

Oh and regarding rest: it’s just so easy to neglect ourselves in that regard. I sat or lay around all day today as I knew I had no choice and I felt so incredibly guilty, even though no one is actually expecting anything of me today!

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This is so good! I really wouldn’t be able to cope without anything, I did for so long and the relapses were horrific I know I have some PTSD from some previous ones.

I know I won’t ever be totally cured but when I first started Amitriptyline it gave me so much of my life back. Now a few years on starting 75mg I’m hoping I can get back to next to normal days. My diet could be better lately and I could be far more active, I just wish I had the energy! It’s so hard. It’s like it’s always there around the corner waiting to stick the boot in! I went for a Pedicure today so you can tell how much better I’m feeling. I’m sorry you’re having a day in bed lovely. My period is a less than a week away and I’m wondering if that’s going to cause havoc. Hope not :roll_eyes::sparkling_heart:

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A pedicure! Amazing!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: so happy for you. My feet are in a horrible state :joy:. Oh I also hope your period doesn’t wreak havoc! Mine started full force in the night, so at least I know it’ll get better soon :crossed_fingers:

We are going all kinds of off topic here? :slight_smile:

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A new thread for pedicures? :joy: