Mini Success Story

just wanted to share a mini success story… I am spending most of my summer in Lake Tahoe. :smiley: . So I decided I wouldn’t go back up until I had better control of this frustrating illness. But than I said, “screw it” I’m not going to let this stupid illness stop me from enjoying my summer. I can’t work so I might as well just spend a lot of my time up there. I am currently at roughly 7500 ft elevation which typically takes it toll on MAV. But I always feel great for the first week and than after that the dizzyness comes back. But when I’m up here, I feel so much better and I think it’s because it’s just so beautiful and I can do so much outdoors. I have one drink a night up here which is something I just don’t do at home, but I find the alcohol helps with the dizzyness. I know I will pay the price when I go home tommorrow but I believe it’s worth it.

Anyway, my mini success story is that I went on the gondola ride up here which takes you up to 9500ft elevation and spectacular views of this beautiful lake. I was going up and laughing and thinking about all my fellow MAVers on this forum and thinking that you would all think I’m crazy. The laughing helped calm me down and so did the one beer I downed to calm me down. :lol: Here is a picture that gives a glimpse of how steep the incline was.

The feeling it gave me made me so happy and made me realize that I have been missing out on so much. I still can’t drive, but drive better up here. I don’t really understand why I generally do so much better up here. The only reason I am going back home to phoenix tommorrow is because I have an appointment with dr. Fife who will hopefully have a game plan on how to get rid of the dizzyness that I have been feeling again. I am on Effexor generic and it seems to be working on so many levels, but the dizziness has returned.

Take your successes where you can get them!! I am so happy to hear you were able to enjoy yourself : )

Sorry guys, the picture won’t upload. Shoot. I really wanted to share it. ugh


You are right Sarah.

Thank you.