Minimal migraine headache MAV?

Anyone else have headaches that are mostly NOT severe in intensity. Mostly mine are unilateral, top of the head, but only 3/10 or so intensity. Not what i consider classic migraine. More i get nausea.

Nearly every day. S

I hardly get any headaches, I see alot of ppl on here do but I don’t is it normal for a maver to not get any headaches?

well that is good to hear
Now if only I could find some way to reassure myself that these paresthesias were not something else

Yes, every day, then occasionally, just for a change, the big ones break through :roll:


I generally don’t get any headaches at all - in fact, since my MAV started over 3 years ago, I’ve never had to take any pain-killers for a headache. I think I read somewhere that around 15% of people don’t experience any headache-type symptoms with MAV…

Headaches every day…some bearable, some intense! Karen

Used to get headaches - not anymore. My pain is normally in my neck and upper back.

Virtually daily, I have a mild feeling of pressure in the bridge of my nose, with slight stuffiness and sometimes a SLIGHT headachy feeling. I almost NEVER get real headaches–although I got (usually mild) headaches frequently in high school and occasionally in my late 30s–early 40s. (I’m now 54.)

I used to get what I called “nose headaches” that started at the bridge of my nose and turned into real headaches if I didn’t knock them down with sinus pills (acetaminophen, pseudoephedrine, and chlorpheniramine maleate). So, I imagined these were “sinus” headaches. Now I know they were migraines (as most “sinus” headaches are). In retrospect, I’m sure it was the pseudoephedrine that really made me feel better.

So, YES–my headaches, such as they are, are MINIMAL; I don’t even call them headaches, as they’re not strong enough.

I get what my Neuro calls “high frequency, low grade” headaches daily. Verapamil has taken them from about a 7 to a 2. But they are still there, every single stinking day.