Ministry of Food: Halloumi

Halloumi is a melting/grilling salty cheese, a “fresh” cheese, that serves as a reasonable substitute for feta in making spanakopita. I seem to tolerate modest amounts of it fine. Last night’s spinach-cheese pies, made with phyllo, olive oil, a touch of butter, a few bread crumbs, halloumi, baby spinach, dill weed, and sauteed shallot were a winner.

Oooh that sounds yummy - could you post a recipe in the ministry of food?

Halloumi is the Cheese of The Gods. I went to Cyprus a couple of years ago (inventor of Halloumi) and the local stuff is even more amazing. Also sensational dolmades.

awa, now your talking David!
love lamb and halloumi on a scewer with a touch of rosemary picked of the stem…
love how if you eat it while it’s hot it melts . :smiley:

You know David, here we are affraid and angry we cant eat cheese and there’s so many different cheeses we can still enjoy,
thanks for reminding me.

I 'm a shit cook, but halloumi is easy.


Oh, I’d die to be able to eat some kind of cheese again. I’m afraid to hope… maybe in a few months I can do a trial…

Gabrielle, I don’t know a way to post directly to Ministry of Food, but Scott’s excellent about that sort of thing.
First, I went to Wegman’s, a semi-posh grocer’s, and bought pre-made phyllo, teh type (out of about 4 they sell) that’s sans yeast or malt, plus the baby spinach, halloumi, dill, parsley one time but not the other, shallot, and olive oil in a spray can. Already had unflavored bread crumbs.

Chopped some dill. Chopped some halloumi, giving me pieces maybe 1/2 cm by 2 sq cm., or 1/4" by 3/4" sq. Browned some shallot, turned the flame very very low, added a little liquid and as much spinach as I could get under the lid, just to wilt the spinach. Shrinks a helluva lot when wilted, and sauteed shallot is a relatively strong flavor, so take this into account in choosing your ratio.

Removed shallot and spinach from pan, mixed well with the each other and the dill (parsley too, but less important).
Buttered a baking pan.
Brought a sheet of phyllo onto it, sprayed it, dribbled a tad of bread crumbs, folded longitudinally 1/3 in, sprayed a wee bit more, and then folded the last third over the first two and sprayed yet a tad more. I now had a greased, crumbed tripled sheet of phyllo 1/3 the width but full length.
Added ~2 Tablespoons of filling and a piece of halloumi, both near one end. The halloumi is stronger-flavored than the spinach, so it takes quite little per pie.
Ever learn to fold a flag? That’s how the pie’s built. Fold one of the corners with the mixture on it diagonally across the mixture, then make a square fold over that, then a diagonal fold starting from the other corner holding mixture, and you’re
about done. Depending on how big your folds have been, there may be a part-fold left. Spray as you fold, each time a dry-looking surface comes up.
Bake till they start to brown. 350 works fine for me.

thanks David - I’m going to try these soon!

David, I’m salivating…

Gabrielle - the frozen spinach we have in Australia (there’s only one brand I think… and/or the frozen Filo - ditto re one brand) have a spanakopita recipe on the pack. I am a SHIT cook and even I can master this one and everyone loves it. Great for summer with a salad! :slight_smile:

Excellent - we’re drowning in silverbeet here (I grow my own veg) so this will be a great one to use it up. :smiley: