Minor car accident brought on dizziness

I had a good two weeks or so. So good they were probably the best two weeks in a while. Then I got in a minor car accident last Wed. Someone side swiped the rear left hand side of my car. I felt a bit of an impact and loud noise. However, no airbags were deployed. One week later I am still dizzier than usual but nothing major.

I wonder if it is the stress of the accident and the insurance claim, coupled with feeling a bit depressed that my 2022 car is no longer in perfect working condition, that caused the relapse, rather than the accident itself?

Sorry to hear. It makes sense that everything you mentioned can cause a relapse. Stress is trigger #1 or 2 after hormonal change. Did you feel whether your neck suffer a whiplash? I am asking since I was already feeling weird before my diagnosis in 2022, but I lifted weights and that did something to my neck which worsened what I was already feeling. It is all better now. You had already experienced good weeks which means your nervous system is able to recover. Trust it will happen again after the stress is reduced. Just check your neck.