mirror VRT

Has anyone messed around with moving in front of a mirror and noticed anything different? If I move really slowly up and down and stepping side to side I can feel in my head there is an error and it starts to correct itself a bit. Not a big change, but noticeable. A year ago it made me pretty sick when I did it, but now seems pretty tolerable. Was thinking of making a training regimen out of it. Has anyone heard of using mirrors for VRT? I googled around but couldn’t find anything. I was bobbing around at sea earlier and did 5-10min in front of a mirror and then felt that the bobbing was less afterwards, or at least further in the background of my mind.

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Interesting idea.

Feeling odd in front of a mirror is definitely a sign something is compromised in your Vestibular system. Doing exercises in front of one might help? Sounds reasonable.

Mirrors. Interesting. I remember the resultant vertigo from a quick look in a hand mirror once bedbound in middle of acute attack. Big mistake. Then, very early after first 24/7 dizziness set in, just happened to look at my own reflection in window before I pulled the curtains at dusk. What a strange sensation that was. I felt very strongly rotarily dizzy (vertigo) but of course my reflection was totally still. Mirrors soon give strong indication of how balance system is working I suddenly realised. I imagine most of the trouble is caused by your eyes not having a strong focal point of maybe just the strong reflected light. I would imagine doing exercises before a mirror would therefore really be pushing vestibular system hard. Something you may/may not be ready for, depends. I’ve been told by physios to check posture etc before mirror, also Tai Chi forms but never VRT. Helen

I’ve been trying it for a couple of months, but not on a daily basis. Have you had some results since August? I keep telling myself that the floor is not moving and I can see myself very steady. I balance on one foot then the other.

I get less benefit from mirrors now, although I still practice some tai chi in front of a mirror. Interestingly I found benefit with swings now. I have no idea why, but I think with a swing the vestibular system is almost completely isolated. It seems to tighten up my balance a bit throughout the day, like it gives my brain a chance to calibrate only the vestibular system for a while. I picked up a yoga swing and I use that. Anyways, might be worth trying, I swing about 10-20min, slow and fast, with and without eyes closed. Then rest on the couch for 5min afterwards. The swing would have been impossible a couple years ago it would have made me really motion sick… but now it is quite helpful I think. good luck!