This is really bizarre. One of my worst triggers is mirrors. Not all the time, but if I take a hand held mirror and then at the same time try to to look at the side of my face in a larger mirror(like bathroom mirror), it will trigger my dizziness and nausea. My hands start to really shake as well. It also happens a lot in department store mirrors. Why in the world would a mirror trigger MAV symptoms?! Anybody else noticed this before?


I have had rare occasions where mirrors would get me. For me, I am aware of what a good chunk of the cause. My balance from my ears is so messed up that my body taught itself a long time ago how to adjust. I now use information from my muscles and my eyes to balance with and if I look in a mirror wrong, it can create an optical illusion and throw things off visually.

At VRT this summer my therapist and I discovered that wall sized mirrors are a major no-no for me. She stopped me once facing the mirror and something moved in the background that totally threw me off, and down I went. I fall A LOT by the way. :shock:

Yes, definitely. I have always had this. Holding a mirror to try and look at your hair at the back or side. That does it for me.


oh yes, mirrors are a problem for me, especially if one moves as if I walk towards it, or one that isn’t quite straight and therefore the room is skewed a bit.

One hairdresser I used to go to would put the hand mirror in my hand when he was finished and hold it up so that I could see the back of my head. And then he would spin me around so I could get a good view. It was bad enought being spun for that one half second but to have a mirror in my hand at the same time nearly did me in. So I would put the mirror in my lap after he handed it to me and before he spun. And what did he do? He picked my hand with the mirror up and held it up so that I could get the good view he wanted me to get before he spun me. After two times of this I hade to tell him, no, I can’t look in mirror and move at the same time, it makes me sick!!!


(Not a problem for me. so far.)