Missed dose of Celexa?

Hi everyone,
I am so used to my routine at night that I wasn’t thinking and now I cannot remember if I took my Celexa or not? I am taking 20 mg. I am scared to take another pill just in case I already took one and double up on it. Should I just wait until the next night to take it? I’ve been on it for a couple years so would it hurt me to not take it for a day?


Hi there,

Just skip the dose. One day will make no impact. I was on Cipramil for years and missed a dose occasionally.


this is the kind of question you should ask your dr…

Thanks Scott. I wouldn’t have been able to contact my doctor in such short notice like that. But it’s definitely something I will bring up next time I talk to him.

it’s just not a good idea to take med advice like that from some random internet forum. you could also call your pharmacy and speak to a pharmacist- they would probably know even more than your dr. about the med.

I agree with you there. But it does seem like a lot people come here for med advice. I was going to follow what the package insert said that came with the medication. Which was to skip the dose if there was a chance of doubling up. I guess I should have worded my question differently. I was just scared I might have some type of side effects (or be dizzier then normal) from skipping one day and wondered if anyone had experienced this just to put my anxiety and mind at ease for the next day.

Sarah is correct. Best to always speak to your doctor or pharmacist about your medicines. However, in this case I think we can be pretty sure you’ll be OK by missing one dose of an SSRI. This is in the instructions that come with these meds. They prefer you skip a dose rather than unknowingly take twice as much which of course makes perfect sense.


how long have you been on the celexa for? is this the first time you forgot a dose since you have been on it? how is it working for you?

i know prozac is different but i took it for years for anxiety- that drug takes forever to leave your body- in fact i think some people take it every other day. but i understand your anxiety about missing a dose as it pertains to the dizziness…i am on nortriptyline which helps some of my symptoms and i have definitely missed doses a few times and i dont notice anything different.

I’ve actually been on it for about two and a half years and this is the first time this has happened. Which is something that’s never came up with my doctor. It works great for me. I was at the point where I was struggling to do pretty much anything because of the dizziness and anxiety/panic attacks and this has brought me to about 90% better. I still always slightly have the dizziness in the background and there is still some bad days but for the most part it works really well. I didn’t notice anything different after missing the dose.

The half-life of this drug is approx 35 hours. Missing one dose is negligible.

that’s wonderful that it works so well for you! did you have any trouble with walking/balance and did it help with that? you should write in the success stories section to give others hope!

Hi everyone.

Just a quick tip to avoid the same situation happening again… I put my tablets into a 7 day pill box, that way I don’t second guess myself as to whether I have taken my nightly med. With a foggy head and a very poor memory I need all the help I can get!!

Take care


Great tip, thanks! :slight_smile: