Mood changes as a migraine symptom

Does anyone else get mood changes as part of Vestibular migraine ? I get phases where i feel really upset and can cry and cry and cry almost uncontrollably.i feel heartbroken during these phases. I sometimes also get anxiety. I know these are migraine symptoms because i’ve read about them but was wondering if anyone else here could relate and how do you best cope with it?

I don’t think it’s just migraine. If you are dizzy/imbalanced for whatever reason, chronically, that is going to get you anxious and down regardless?

Anxiety is hard-wired into your footing, for example.

True. But there’s a difference between feeling depressed or anxious because of your situation ,and feeling these moods as a direct symptom of migraine. Changes in mood,such as feeling depressed ,have been commonly noted as a migraine symptom but it’s not understood why. (surprise surprise). Some think its because of chemical imbalances in the brain during a migraine.

Anxiety is brought on directly and immediately because of the dysfunction of your vestibular system, no migraine required, imho.

But I’m sure the migraines worsen your quality of life, that itself making depression a greater possibility, and may also impact brain chemistry.


My mood is normally very stable. However, a few days before I get an aura I start yawning a lot and my mood becomes unstable. It can be anything from being angry, anxious, sad, euphoric or similar. I also get a strong craving for chocolate (which I usually try to ignore).

I got so used to these mood changes that if they happen I check my calendar to see whether I am due for another aura. I tend to get them once or twice every 6-8 weeks.

@Katharina i’ve never experienced a euphoric mood with migraine ,just the intense sadness. I don’t have episodic migraines or auras,just constant daily symptoms so the mood changes seem to happen in conjunction with an increase in the severity of my physical symptoms whivh happens in phases every day.

I’ve had euphoria from the medicine. In my case Amitriptyline. This is common with antidepressants.


I also get these episodes of intense sadness, so bad that it makes me re evaluate my whole life/relationships etc. I had this about 10 days ago before a new migraine flare happened, I’m still going through it now but yes this is common for me. Also weather changes can cause this intense emotional overwhelm for me too which I think is all linked to migraine.

Amitriptyline 60mg usually keeps attacks at bay on a daily basis however I still have them and they can be lengthy which like @turnitaround says, Of course we are going to feel anxious migraine is a very hard condition to live with but I’m sure you will get through this patch you’re in, as will I. :sparkling_heart:

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