hi all

Anyone get really stressed, anxious or moody really quickly for no reason?

MAV seemed to make me really depressed and upset. For the first 9 months I cried at the drop of a hat and became really down. These things improved as I began to feel better but all re-surfaced with my latest relapse. I don’t know if it’s just me feeling down because of MAV or whether in the bad phases there are some chemical processes going on in my brain which make these feelings a lot worse. Maybe a combination of the two but I definitely feel more depressed when I feel worse physically. Also, since this all started my tolerance for stress plummeted and I became a lot more anxious about everything. If you are feeling like that then I think it may be all part and parcel of MAV unless of course you think it could be a side effect of any medication you are taking which is also a possibility x

The fact that I don’t know for sure what I have and haven’t had a good day or any kind of relief for the last 8 months makes me depressed and anxious yes…
I try to keep my head up, try not to lock myself up but sometimes it’s just too much and I cry and cry and cry. Sad :frowning: