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More dizziness/motion feelings after walking

Hello to everyone.
I try to walk at least 20-30minutes day by day, as I can’t handle intense exercise because of POTS syndrome I also suffer from.
The problem is that after walking the feelings of motion get more intensified. Also the tinnitus gets worse.
I know that this happens with dysautonomia.
But does it also happen in MAV?
Thank you

Of course it does.

Motion is obviously a main trigger for you currently and, whatever vestibular condition you may actually be suffering from, any excess motion is going to exacerbate your symptoms.

You need to reduce triggers. All triggers, environmental - sound, and wobbly floors underfoot otherwise unfortunately IMO you are not likely to get much relief from your hypersensitivity. It’s time for a complete lifestyle rethink. Could make all the difference,


Thank you, Helen.
I try so hard to find a solution for the noisy and wobbly house I have but it’s extremely difficult to find a home in the area I live in, especially in a quiet street. I’ve been searching for years with some breaks.
I had to move to my parents house which is across the street of the house I used to live, so in the same street, just to avoid walking in the wobbling floor. But here, it’s an insanely loud apartment building where you wake up from noises from 15 different people, kids and dogs, all out of mind. Kids screaming and crying ALL day long, parents screaming back to them, dogs barking and hitting the floors, furniture crawling at the floor, items dropping unpredictability, alarms vibrating from the up floor, thuds of all possible kind and really much, much more. They all make incredible loud noises. And also the building has extremely bad sound insulation. And all these in combination with the loudest street in town.
I’ve had extreme melt downs all these years because of those noises.
Writing this right now, I can literally hear almost all of them at once.
I wish I lived in a more polite city, or even better, country…

Thank you for the reassurance, Helen…