More Motion than Normal and Ear Issues

I have been doing pretty well lately but today was one of those bad days and I am not sure if it is the MAV or anxiety.

Did not do anything to much different but my husband was gone all day and I found myself feeling very uneasy with him not here …I have never experinced this before. And tonight my sumptoms feel a lot more increased than normal. Plus I have started having this thing happen where one of my ears gets really hot for no apparent reason. It stays that way sometimes for an hour or so, it does not hurt but what is it?

The motion intolerance tonight is worse than normal and the “wavs” in the head are really above normal plus I can feel myself getting anxious…heart flutters, muscle spasms in the legs,etc.

Anybody have an ideas…


I am sorry to hear that you are not having a good day. I have had that red, hot feeling happen to my ear too. I always blamed it on anxiety. My mom has had that happen too and always told me it was anxiety. My husband’s ears have gotten that way too frequently. He asked his doctor and his doctor said blood pressure can do that. I normally run low so I am blaming mine on anxiety. I have had that happen to my face as well as my ear - red, and hot, not painful. I was taking a multivitamin when it happened to my face. I bet your symptoms are increased because of your husband being gone today. Sometimes after my husband is off on his long weekend and goes back to work , I feel that way. My symptoms increase, I can’t relax and I feel anxious. I make him call me several times to check on me. My husband is leaving for a week this summer to Oklahoma with his friends and I am already dreading it. I bet your symptoms will decrease tomorrow after a good nights rest. I think sometimes we get ourselves worked up inside. Why we do that to ourselves, I don’t know. I think we are just wired differently. Are you having any major weather changes? We had fifty degree weather today. Maybe that contributed to it too. Maybe a combination of things. You’ll feel much better when he gets home and tomorrow is a new day. This isn’t a set back, just alittle bump along the way for you. You are in my thoughts as always. Take care.


I hope you are feeling better today. MAV can be very unpredictble and has its ups and downs. I know with me I can be feeling fine one minute, thinking I’ve got this thing licked and I’m all over it, and half an hour later I can barely walk because I feel so sick inside my head. Worry and anxiety can make it worse. This is a strange disease we have been affliced with. You will be feeling better again soon.

Ditto what Bookworm said :slight_smile:

Okay so a new symptom has started but is it part of the MAV or something else. My headaches were always on the left side and as I have said have not had a “headache” per say in many months. Over the last few days I have felt a popping in my left ear in addition with that ear feeling very hot at times for no reason. the popping also comes with a fullness feeling in my ear, now last night for the first time in many months I got a headache on the left side of my head , just like in the old days of my headache symptoms. I was able to take something and the headache is much better this morning…but the ear popping is still here…and I am wondering is this all part of the MAV or is this something all together different.

Any thoughts out there…

Well, I know that others here have mentioned having ear fullness and/or tinnitus with the MAV, and I can say that I certainly do, so maybe there is a correlation. I thought my ear fullness/popping was due to my jaw/TMJ problem (which is bad and requires me to wear a specially made splint every night for the rest of my life), but maybe it actually has to do with MAV. Wow. As if there aren’t enough strange symptoms with MAV! BTW,others here have noted the ear getting hot too, but I can’t remember if that was because of a med or just a symptom.

Best, Bonnie

The ear issue is now ringing in the ears the last few days, have not had that before. Plus the pressure , plus what is like a pulsations sensation periodically in the left ear…wonder about going back to see the ENT since this is a new symptom.