More Progress

Last night, I did a 3,000 plus word speech for a friend being inducted into a sports hall of fame in Detroit. Unfortunately, the bed I was sleeping in the night before the speech was lousy, and I got about 2-3 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is usually a significant trigger for me, and to be frank, I was kind of struggling throughout the day prior to the speech.

When I went up to speak at 9:45pm in front of 400 people, I actually did very well. No rocking, no vertigo, no problems.

I don’t think I could’ve done that—especially under the circumstances of sleep deprivation----from 2005 thru mid-2008.

How very nice for you!

Many your progress continue.

Thanks for posting your good news! It is so helpful for us still in the trenches:-)
Keep it going!

MSDXD…congratulations that you did so well when you made your speech…specially with only a small amount of sleep. I have to agree with you…sleep deprivation is probably my Worst Trigger as far as making the MAV symptoms worse.

Continue to get better.


Glad to hear that you are doing well, it is nice to see that there is hope for those of us who still struggle.