Motion Sickness and MAV

Hi Everyone,

Was wondering if anyone here at this forum has never out grown Motion Sickness?? I am one of these people. Always have had difficulty driving in Curvey Roads thru the Mountains, Amusement Park Rides that go in circles and fishing boats. I stay away from all three…although if i have to drive thru the mountains i make sure i’m the driver and not the passenger. I will never experience a Cruise Ship because i fear that i will get sea sick. I read on the Internet that atleast 50% of all people diagnosed with MAV or Migraine Equivalent have problems with Motion Sickness. So i was just wondering how many of you have issues with this.


The doc that dx’d me told me that motion sickness was an undocumented symptom of MAV that she has observed. For me my original form of motion sickness was in cars. I learned as a little kid that I needed to keep my eyes in the car. My cousins had figured out that the car does not move the same relative to what is beside it, and if you look to the side your eyes are telling you one thing while another part of your body is telling you something else. The result is a confused balance system and motion sickness. As you have found the best fix for car related motion sickness is to sit up front so that you are looking forward. Driving is best because it makes your vision match up with everthing else.

My motion sickness problem is much worse now than when I was a kid. Before, it was usually a long term thing that would make me simply lose appitite. Now, it doesn’t take much to make my last meal want to exit. I stand outside of amusement park rides while the kids go, I use the stairs instead of elevators, and I cannot ride in the backseat.

Hi Joe

I have always been prone to motion sickness. When I was little I would feel sick on car journeys and it would take until next day for my head to feel back to normal. Latterly, I’ve felt queasy on ferries in completely calm conditions and on trains that rock around - trains seem to be particularly bad when I can’t see forwards, only to the side. Funfairs were always a complete no no for me - I would feel really scared and panicky on rides and would find myself unable to walk when I got off. Needless to say other kids thought was I was a real plonker! As a child I never suffered from headaches - it’s only since being in my twenties they started to happen about 3/4 times a year and during the last 10 years have plagued my life several times a week! I have read that there seems to be a link between motion sickness & MAV.



I hate to say it, but I guess I’m the minority here.
I never had a problem with motion sickness. I used to ride all the rides at the carnivals, I spent the summers growing up on my Father’s sailboat, never had a problem with motion sickness. For whatever reason, I can no longer ride in an elevator without walking into the walls when I step out, and just 4 months ago, my fiance’ surprised me with a 5 day Cruise to the Bahamas. (Made it through the cruise okay, couple of “rough” days, but I did ok). The worst part was coming home, I walked “sideways” bumping into stuff for 3 full days. I was terrified that it wasn’t going to quit, but it did.

By the way, before a migraine hits for me - I"m struck with dizziness, and “floor bouncing”. I have very minor headache pain, however, I do get a headache, and over the past year, the pain seems to be increasing a bit more with each one.

Curious to know, am I the only one that developed “motion intolerance” in adulthood, along with migraines??? Ugh!!!

Hi AZdizzy

I was never mad about fairground rides as a child but I never had a motion problem in cars, trains or boats ( I used to go on a lot of cross channel ferries) until I was about 12 - when I had the first rotational vertigo attack. I got on a boat after that and had a huge panic attack on the trip out and back and I couldn’t work out why. I had also flown for the first time just before my first dizzy bout but the flight was not good for me either.

I wasn’t so great in any transport for a year or so after that - due to the motion - but trains and cars were easier to get back in. This unfortunately stopped me going on boats for about 17 years - now I can go on river boats, and went over the Irish sea twice (but I found that very uncomfortable so I am not keen on that at all). I haven’t been on a plane since :frowning: I would love to one day though but it is too stressful with this condition. Thank goodness for the channel tunnel - it is my link to exploring Europe, at least.

I’m exactly the same. Can’t go on even short car journeys (up to five minutes) if they involve changes of speed and turning corners, changing gears, stopping and starting. But can manage a couple of hours going straight and steady on a motorway.

It’s only slightly better if I drive. I have driven vomiting out of the window on a road with no place to stop.

Planes can be ok but descent is the worst time.

Boats - no way.

I agree - fairground rides - don’t even look.

I now get motion sickness triggered by my eyes and ears when no motion is involved but when I’m focused on something close, like sewing or sorting paperwork.

My symptoms are triggered by motion. I feel miserable. I mean how can a person live and go about their day without movement. One month ago, neuro gave me Emgality. It really seemed to help, however since Friday night I am bad sick again. Just went to Lidl for a grocery visit, about 20 minutes in and boom it triggered that it’s been two days I’m still suffering. Yesterday had to take an abortive. One dose of Zomig did nothing, so two hours later I took another one. Today I am avoiding any trigger that will set this off again. I am wondering if this sensitization is happening because I’m due for another Emgality shot? I am feel so down and so troubled. This just makes it impossible for me to function. Grocery stores must have something horrid in their lights that they set it off for me. I do order online and pick up from outside but many times you have to go in person. The problem is once it starts, it will take another 2-3 days of misery and medications to settle. How can a person not fall into depression and anxiety with this? If anyone has a supportive comment, please do let me know how you cope with this? How can I learn a living and earn a paycheck when I can’t do basic things that are so normal for other people? Triggers are sensitivity to motion, sounds, smells, screens, stress, driving, fatigue. You name it. What am I supposed to do? Just sit in one place? If you are a prayerful person, please pray for me.