Hi Guys

But of a random one, but I’ve taken the day off today to start clearing things out for my impending house move at the end of the month.
My bedroom has a problem with damp/mould particularly under the bed.
(The landlady knows, and has been trying temporary fixes rather than admit the whole floor needs rooting up, as it’s obviously a big and expensive job- oh well, won’t be my problem in 4 weeks yippee!) …

Like, literally, my carpet is damp to the touch, the clothes stored under my bed STINK of damp, and some of my shoes in the bottom of my wardrobe actually have green spores growing all over them and I’ve been cleaning them all off. GROSS.

But after a few hours of pulling things out, chucking clothes in the wash, anti-baccing and hosing down the underbed storage boxes etc etc, I feel horrendous. I know it could just be because I have been doing stuff, but it feels like a reaction to the mould/damp- my neck where my glands are feels really really tender- more than usual- as though it’s puffy. And I am really really suffering from brain fog/in a daze.

I guess this could affect anyone- MAV or not- but I just wondered if anyone here has experienced these sorts of symptopms after being exposed to mould?



hey could it be the smell of the anti bac spray? I get really bad if I do too much cleaning…xx

Yes I think it is quite likely to be the spray rather than the mold x

Mold can cause all sorts of nasty health problems! Have you considered that some of your bad times recently could well have been exacerbated by the mold problem. Dizziness & headaches & just two of the known side-effects. How long have you been living with this? Definitely time to get out of those unhealthy living conditions!! A mask for your spraying & cleaning could help.
Have you got a mold free environment to escape to?

Oooh- I didn’t think that it could have been the spray- thanks girls.

Barb- I have been wondering if this damp problem could have been exacerbatnig MAV for a while but didn’t know if I was making a mountain out of a mole hill.
I’ve lived in the flat for 2.5 years and it’s always had a condensation problem. I guess the damp has been a real problem since as long as I’ve been dizzy- maybe 2 years.
Looking forward to escaping the mould. Gross.

Some people have reactions to mold. Be careful, you know, mold inhaled is not good.