Mouth Guard Test

Don’t get excited. I wouldn’t have posted a new thread, except I can’t find the thread we were last talking about this in.

I’ve been putting my mouth guard in at night and finding it on my bedstand in the morning. That’s why I quit using it long ago. I take it out in the middle of the night. I don’t know when because I do it in my sleep :!:

The other reason this test would not yield valid results is because: My Topa is kicking in. Hain says you get your best results from Topa at three months. Last couple of weeks I’ve had a LOT of tingling, more than I had during titration. And the tingling is followed by improvement. I looked at my calendar and sure enough, it’s three months since I first started taking it. So this would skew the mouthguard test anyway.

I’m afraid I’m a bad subject for the test on two accounts - SOMEBODY is removing my mouthguard at night, and my Topamax has decided to kick some butt!

Too bad I can’t ship my device down to Kim so she could try it out (eeeeuuuuu!!!)


Funny, funny, funny (but I was just thinking the same thing! :mrgreen: )
You’re a riot Jul!!!

Kim :lol:

Aw, Kim, now you’ve really hurt my feelings :oops:


Well, Jul, its either I take your “mouth-thingy” or I’m gonna start shoving a pair of socks in my mouth at night. :roll:

Do you know, I’ve kinda had a few rough days, and darned if I didn’t wake up several times last night clenching. It actually “woke” me up. At the point of becoming conscious, it actually felt like my teeth were gonna break into pieces. so I guess, I really need to think about getting one of those “new-found” contraptions, hey? Just wish, it was something I could pick up at the drugstore. Business is really slow here in Florida, nobody is venturing far from home this Hurricane season. :frowning:

Sorry if I hurt your feelings :wink:

Kim :smiley:


Shame about the mouthguard trial, its as good job we didn’t stake millions on it’s outcome :wink: ; brilliant news about the further improvement on Topamax. Well done!



it was really incredible. Just like Hain said, right at the three month point - exactly, i get this kick from Topamax. All this tingling like I didn’t even have during titration followed by improvement in symptoms. I can’t wait to tell him.

i never would have known had i kept titrating up, but he had me stop. I talk to him in two weeks. He doesn’t like to go beyond 100 mg Topamax, but because my cognitive SEs have calmed down, and i’ve had such good result with it, maybe he will. i’ll keep you all posted.


I went to the dentist today and have got the special “migraine mouthguard” as per the advert. I get my money back if it doesn’t get me better. I’ll let you know how I get on!


great, keep us posted. If you get relief, i’ll try mine again, and just keep it in at least for half the night!