Moving Head Yes and No

Not too long ago Rich mentioned one of his symptoms was having trouble moving his head yes and no.
Well, I am having a similar thing going on and I was wondering if anyone else does and if so, what it feels
like to you in your head!


there is no way in the world i would move my head yes or no - that would send me spinning. i pretty much hold my head steady and move my body to look in different directions in order to see what’s around me. Makes it hard while I’m cooking - eyes squinted, moving around in circles looking for those darn hot pads - i can never remember where I left them.

I experience this on my worse days. To me, it feels like my head is moving half way behind where it actually is, or in the opposite direction than what it is moving. Very disorienting, and it can knock my legs out from under me if I’m not careful.


The moving my head for Yes and No can trigger increased motion to where it will bring on a Panic Attack and a feeling of loosing control. I swear that has happened to me…particularly at work. I have to really be careful.


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on bad days it increases the rocking,
but I tend to walk alot with a stiff neck so it wont happen, or just prop my head on a pillow.

As I have written before on other threads the very best bit of advice I was never given when MAV started was to Not Stop Moving your Head. That brilliant bit of advice was given to a friend of mine by her own GP following a bout of labyrinthitis. She passed it on to me a year or two later.

During acute bouts of vertigo keeping the head still is instinctive, and I found pretty much essential. During my early vestibular bouts any movement would bring on instant vertigo and the accompanying vomiting. Such stillness can soon become habit. After research it’s very easy to see why it can cause additional problems. Natural Neck movement is an integral of the balance system. The links with eyes, spine, nerves and muscles sending messages to the brain seem to be endless. Quite incredible. Avoidance Behaviour is the obvious route to follow (lots of examples above) but it’s not really the way to go. I am convinced years on not using my neck in the normal subconscious way has had an adverse effect on my ability to balance.

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