MRA scan

Has anyone had an MRA scan? I’ve been recommended one

I got one maybe 4-5 years ago, everything was normal. But it was done in an open MRI machine where I sat up, and back then those still didn’t operate the best and some of the images were blurry. It was passively recommended that I get more MRA scans of my head and neck with my neck in different positions, like extended and forward or something not too sure. If I go through a few meds without relief I may go for that if I can hold my neck in weird ways without triggering massive vertigo. They don’t feel/operate any different from MRIs from the patient perspective at least.

I had an MRA with contrast and an MRI at the same time last month. Other than the contrast, it’s the standard migraine inducing MRI that takes about an hour and a half. Turns out I’m allergic to the contrast, so that was more interesting. Most people won’t be allergic, leaving you just to put up with an elongated MRI experience punctuated with an IV injection.

MRIs can also be done with contrast, I’ve had a few. MRAs can be done with and/or without contrast, depending on what the doctor is looking for.

I’ve had an MRA as well. It took about six minutes for me. The results came back fine, according to the doctors.

Did you guys get MRA done on NHS if you based in UK, or privately, if so how much did it cost?