Mri contrast dye

I Was in remission until I had an MRI scan of the lumbar for back pain with contrast
Now all my symptoms are back especially the constant dizziness
Anyone experience MRI with contrast as a trigger ?

No, not personally but I have read it can happen. Presumably a sensitivity to the dye. Alternatively it could just have been brought on by the whole MRI experience itself. I had some enhanced MRI, but no injected dye, and that brought on a full eight day attack (my ‘norm’ at that time) 36 hours later. Helen

Yep. Awful. Took weeks to feel better.

I had an MRI scan on Thursday morning, my first with contrast dye. I’ve had 4 MRIs before, without the contrast, with no problems. They kept me in for an hour after as I’m asthmatic and have a history of allergies, no immediate reaction to the dye, just felt a bit sick. By the time I got home I was not in a good way. Head pain (I rarely get headaches), nausea, swimmy headed, felt utterly exhausted. Went to bed hoping to sleep it off but woke yesterday feeling horrendous! Usual VM symptoms with the added bonus of awful pain in my ears, back of my head and sinuses. Today the pain has subsided enough for me to be up and about, but I still feel as sick as a dog, ugh. Really wasn’t expecting this at all! Suspect our systems are sensitive at the best of times and any change can trigger all sorts of nasties.

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Sorry about this! And when you’re just coming out of a relapse too! I had my first MRI with contrast and I can’t remember if I had any issues as it was a while ago, mind you then I was symptomatic daily so I probably did have. :disappointed:

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I do hope you feel better soon. MRI Contrast can affect people very differently as the heavy metals settle in different places. I have it as a listed allergy. For me it was tachycardia and kidney failure. Tachycardia resolved in a week. Kidneys were damaged for two years. Never again.

Perhaps a metals cleanse routine will help.

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Oh my goodness!!! That sounds horrific!!!

What is a metals cleanse, if you don’t mind me asking?

There are various examples. Google heavy metals detox. Personally I liked Alejandro Jungers’s Clean diet.

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