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MRI when dizzy

Oh. No. That’s probably still under copyright cost in royalties unless of course they could pipe you live radio which is what ‘mine’ did. ClassicFM actually. Oh mine was private but then again I couldn’t gain access to a neurologist or anything for MAV on NHS, yet alone an MRI. GP didn’t agree it was necessary but that’s another story. Do have vague feeling my CT Scan was NHS for some reason although it’s 4 years ago now. Helen

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My brother had a lumbar puncture private and he explained the day as lovely… :joy: free teas/coffees and your own private room! I wonder if I should get some medical insurance… :thinking:

Private medical insurance could prove expensive. It’s good if you are in employment which offers it all included which some companies offer. I just pay ad hoc. Just pay on the nail. You’ll certainly notice the difference. I imagine a lot of UK residents must pay privately for scans to avoid waiting on the NHS. Helen

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Oh definitely. Id I’d have realised I needed a scan 10yrs ago I’d have had one private! GP said I needed a holiday when I went with vertigo and fatigue…
Maybe I should change my user name to Back&forth :thinking:

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We have the same wait times and crappy service in the US - only we get to pay a lot more for the privilege. On the open market insurance for my family of three costs $1100/month with additional co-pays and co-insurance costs maxing out at $13,000/year. My husband is tied to his job because the employer pays the premium but we still pay $4-10k/year out of pocket. And we wait months to see specialists. And without universal health care, without free education and without unemployment insurance, long term disability or any safety net whatsoever I’m still in the 40% tax bracket. I have zero hope of ever getting disability pay, social security or Medicare.

Emily I wish we had a dislike button… :confounded::confounded:


Me, too. If the buffoon in chief kills the Obama pre-existing conditions waiver, I’ll be uninsurable at any price. Being homeless, sick and destitute is a very real, very common scenario here.

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You can come and live with us! :woman_shrugging:

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I feel you @flutters we pay close to $500 a month just for me and my husband. Girls qualify for the chip program (discounted rates) for now but when husband finally gets the promotion we are waiting for they won’t qualify anymore and I can’t even imagine how the premium is going to freaking increase.

And with all that money we pay monthly you would think we are good to go but no, I have a $1200 deductible and then after that I pay 10% plus $40 copays to see regular dr and $60 to see specialists :confounded:

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Some promotions hurt more than they help. It’s absolutely insane.

Part of the reason we in the U.S. pay so much is because our health insurance industry is big, bloated, and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Last week my husband received a phone call from a woman who identified herself as a “nurse advocate” for our health insurance company.

Nurse: “I see that you’ve been having some shoulder issues recently. I also see that your next appointment with your primary care physician is scheduled for January. Be sure to follow up with your primary care physician about your shoulder issues. Have you seen an orthopedist about your shoulder?”

Hubby: “Umm, yeah, I had shoulder surgery four weeks ago.”

Nurse (after a long pause): “Oh. Well, are you making sure to go to physical therapy?”

Hubby: “Umm, no, not yet. My arm is immobilized for six weeks. I’m not allowed to start physical therapy until after that.”

When he told me about this, we cracked up. The insurance company has already paid the surgeon. But yet this “nurse advocate” didn’t know he had had surgery. Sigh.

@Manatee I got a similar call from a nurse from my insurance right after my 5 emergency visits for excruciating migraine pain that wouldn’t go away with anything. She asked if I’ve tried any migraine preventive and if I was in the care of a neurologist :joy: …no sh*t sherlock!!! She even told me caffeine works great for headaches …You would think they would go through our whole records before making these nonsense calls


Hi all,

I did my MRI!!! I actually had one done in 2011 but this recent one was harrowing. There were a few times I could feel panic wash over me and I was really close to squeezing the panic ball but I kept reminding myself not to or I would have to stay in the scanner longer.

Thank you so much everyone for the tips and encouragement. It really helped me so, so much.

Now I just have to wait for the results…


Here’s to making it thru and to totally, infuriatingly normal results!!

Good job!

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Big well done Carrie, another challenge overcome for you :two_hearts::+1:

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Thank you flutters and nin!

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We’re family now. Call me Emily. Nin’s name is Elaine.

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Wow thank you Emily and Elaine!


Hi Carrie,
I also have claustrophobia, so I asked if I could have light sedation. I was in hospital because of the vertigo, so didn’t have a diagnosis then. I think I even dosed off, because it certainly didn’t feel like I’d been in there for half an hour!
Good luck.

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