Hi all. I’m new to the group and have appreciated the information and encouragement scrolling through. I’ve been dizzy/floaty for a little over a year now on and off. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything specific yet but I have an MRI scheduled for Thursday and I’m pretty nervous. Y’all have any tips or encouraging words to get me through the week? Thanks

An MRI isn’t painful (unless you include the initial injection if you are having contrast) It’s just a bit noisy (you are given ear plugs) and claustrophobic. The main thing to focus on is it’s a very useful diagnostic to rule out anything particularly insipid. It’s also very interesting. So rather than dreading it think about how interesting the experience will be and how constructive it is that you are having one. This will help you get nearer to a diagnosis with fewer doubts. Look at it as a positive thing. Not everyone can afford one, sadly. So think of it also as a privilege.

Remember to keep still :slight_smile:

Great points. Thank you

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Pleasure. Good luck with it Katie. It’s quite fun to see your own brain on the DVD they give you afterwards. Hopefully the ONLY time you get to see your own brain :smiley:

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And, use the bathroom beforehand. It seems a lot longer if you’re thinking about your bladder.


Put it out of your mind until Thursday, when you get there. If you have survived 12 months of dizziness, it should prove plain sailing. Less bothersome than a check up at the dentist. Just longer and noisier. You might even find the actual procedure rather long and boring.

Other kind MRI’ers on this forum have already put forward really useful tips. I have just one to add.

If you feel there is a any chance lying flat will make you dizzier/bring on vertigo, tell the staff beforehand and ask that you be told exactly where and how you need to lie and to be allowed to place yourself in position slowly and in your own good time.