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MSG and other food triggers

So what CAN I eat if trying to avoid msg and any other food triggers? It seems like my only option would be water, but obviously you can’t live off just water. I’ve had chronic migraines (almost every day) for 12 years and I’m only 22. They have gotten to the point that I would rather be dead and I just need to figure something out.

hey! there are tons of things you can eat. look at the diet books recommended in the products page and pick one and follow it. :slight_smile:

Hi. I understand just how you feel. One of my sister-in-laws looked at one diet sheet and said woukd it be easier if they told you what you could eat! Trouble is it doesn’t work that way.

May I ask what diet you have been told to follow. I suspect your answer will depend on your country if residence to a great extent. Here in the UK the Six C’s Diet is probably the most commonly suggested

So everything else would be the answer to your question. Many UK consultants don’t subscribe to any sort of diet at all. Even migraine specialist neurologists. Many suggest quitting caffeine.

If you are US based their diet sheets are more more detailed so you know more exactly what you should avoid so where ever you are they can prove informative to check out. You’ll find one in the attached link which I chose because it seemed to work for the you g woman in question which might just cheer you up. Helen

I have not been told to follow any specific diet. My neurologist hasn’t exactly been helpful with a lot of things.

Neither neurologist I met was very helpful with management either, just good for diagnosis. I suspect you are in the UK?, like me. Did they suggest medication, lifestyle changes etc? You will find some information on here in the Wiki Section that might be useful. Diet wise try the six C’s and see if it helps. It will take a few weeks before you may see some results. Some people are food sensitive, others not. Have a detailed study of the American one because it gives a better idea of what to try to avoid. Don’t get too anxious about it all though because anxiety and stress bring their own problems. Many people find cutting caffeine helps more than anything. Helen

I am actually in the US. I’ve tried three different medications and none of them were helpful. Unfortunately for me almost anything is a trigger or makes them worse. I don’t really drink caffeine. I have tea, but have stopped putting sugar in it after I was diagnosed with pre diabetes earlier this year. I completely avoid coffee as the smell makes me nauseous.

Well I’d certainly try to gradually change over to Decaff tea. Might help. You say you tried three meds no help. May I enquire which they were and how much you took (just approximately if you not sure) and for how long? I ask because from my own experience I’m afraid I think meds are the only possible route once MAV becomes entrenched over time so maybe you need to revisit them. Won’t hurt to try a diet as well but I’d say meds are the initial answer providing there is one. Helen

I have tried Propranolol, Topomax, and Zonegran. The first one I got an allergic reaction and the Topomax made my hands completely numb. I have a small child and I felt like the risk of dropping him was too high.

I don’t remember the exact dosage of them. The Propranolol I only took for one day and the others I took for about a month.

Plus we don’t even know what is causing the migraines as I’ve only had an MRI without contrast and it came back normal. I’ve had them for 12 years and I’m only 22. Somedays they are so bad that I would rather be dead yet I’ve never been to the ER for them because I don’t want them to think that I’m seeking drugs.

Just don’t waste your energy even going down that route I’d say. The root cause of migraine is not known by anybody for sure. There must be one or more likely many I’d say. Just concentrate on getting them under control so you can live. All I ever had was a similar MRI and I got a “Probable Migraine Associated Vertigo” twice, two different consultants independently.

Drugs like Propranolol will stop migraines. Sometimes 100%. It stopped my attacks from the very first dose, of 30mg daily, for three full years. Taking it for one day just doesn’t count. You need 3-4 months to give it a fair trial. If you really want to get your migraine under control you need to stick with it. Don’t just expect it to go away overnight one day because unfortunately that’s not likely to ever happen. Be pro-activate and try and shift it. Nothing is going to change unless you initiate some medication and lifestyle changes to get the ball rolling.

PS; Sorry. This reply is addressed to your post directly above. Something strange going on with my broadband or something I’ve only just received your first two replies to my previous email. How odd. Was about to ask you what the others you tried were when those other two popped up. Just for the record might be best to just include everything in one reply in future. If you forget something you can add in/edit by clicking the little pencil icon afterwards. I do that all the time myself.

In reply to the two previous that arrived late I see straight on to the heavy stuff. That class of drug many find impossible to tolerate, you aren’t alone there by far. Some people, particularly very young people like you seem to react quickly to beta blockers like Propranolol, not at all uncommon. Nobody ever suggested Amitriptyline, Noritriptyline or Effexor (Venlafaxine)? Might be worth asking about those. Must be something out there to help you. Must be very difficult MAV and a little one. Sounds like you could do with some more help. Suggest you speak to your own doctor. Helen

I have an appointment on the 17th. A friend suggested muscle relaxers as they have helped her. Are the medications you mentioned pills or needles? I don’t like needles.

Just focus on keeping away from the obvious ones.

Those are listed in the Support Wiki

If you go out, ask for the ingredients. Prepare as much food yourself and avoid these things.

I found the most important ones to steer clear of are:

  • Chocolate
  • Caffeine
  • MSG

Your mileage may vary. Experiment.

See what the doctor suggests. If you want to prevent migraine you should try a proven preventative such as Ami, Nori, Effexor. They have been used over a long period by others before you. The meds I was suggesting come in tablet or capsule form. So, no I wasn’t suggesting needles.

Since last year there are since a new crop of meds designed specifically for migraine prevention, Aimovig to name one, which are only issued as injectables (needles) now available in many countries, US for one and currently being offered. Personally I’d happily have a jab a week if it removed the problem but I have yet to meet one person who ‘likes’ needles. An odd jab at the doctors doesn’t bother me. I wouldn’t much fancy the large number of jabs one gets for Botox which for some is another option and of course Botox is repeated 2 or 3 monthly. Rather too many jabs there for many but lots go for it. I expect the jabs are far less uncomfortable than the attacks. I remember reading somewhere once a MAV sufferer saying-she’d happily walk around with a dead chicken strapped to her head if it helped so I’d guess she’d have happily opted for Botox any time. Helen