Can anyone help me with msg? I’ve got a list of all the different names for it, but I don’t know if there are more. I’ve read that anything packaged or tinned most likely contains it, but I can’t find anything on packets of Tesco frozen chips and Birds Eye waffles - does that mean they don’t have it in? Does anyone know? Also bacon - I read that bacon has msg in but I can’t find anything in the ingredients.

Oh and I can’t have baked beans. OK, so I am going to officially starve :expressionless:

Hi Sally

I spent the past month making my self crazy asking the same questions.

Here’s a link that I probably found somewhere in this forum. Scroll down to the chart and you’ll see MSG can be hidden under so many different names.

And you might want to investigate bacon. The sodium nitrites ( I think ) can be a big trigger for some. There is a “Thou Shalt Nots” food list somewhere on this forum. Maybe someone else can remind me where it is.

I’ve tried a very limited diet for a month now with no change in my symptoms. Going to hold on for another month then slowly add back foods (peanut butter is first for me) and see if there’s any reaction.

Seems like fresh food is the safest (and least convenient) way to go. Best of luck

Thanks John. I’m finding it really difficult. To be honest I’m beginning to think that ANY food can be a trigger for any particular person. Cutting everything out all at once just makes for a very restrictive diet :-\ I’m struggling to find anything at all that isn’t listed on one list or another.

Thanks for the link - I’ve made a list of most of the stuff on there, but I still can’t find anything in chips or waffles lol can you tell that I like chips and waffles :wink: And the sodium nitrates thing is yet another thing I need to add to my list (as it isn’t MSG is it).

I’m really stressing now over what I can and can’t eat, and the sheet says avoid stress ugh what’s a girl to do :roll:

Sally, I’m right there with you stressing out. It’s horrible. Not sure how the food list is made. Kinda seems like anything that anyone ever had a reaction to is thrown on the list just to be safe.
The first week I was terrified and depressed, seems like all I could eat was Rice, Broccoli and fresh cooked meats. I’ve eased down a bit just trying to stay off the big listed triggers and stay away from most packaged foods. Can’t wait for May 14th which will be two months on a restricted diet. One of papers in the science section of this forum talks about being very patient (4-8 weeks) with medications and diets. But my Dr who I 've seen just a couple times so far, says not to be concerned with diet triggers and I don’t actually think I have any food triggers, but need to do something proactive while waiting for the room to stop rocking back and forth.

If the ingredients on your Chips and Waffles look good, I say don’t completely torture yourself.

We need to stay strong and think positively. There are a lot of uplifting folks on the forum who’s posts have turned a horrible day into a hopeful one for me.

Yes, you’re right. I guess we need to be careful, watchful of what we eat but not cripple ourselves with it! I need to lose a bit of weight anyway so it will probably do me good. I will miss sweets though - I love a packet of sweets every now and again :expressionless: but I will give it the two months and see what happens.

Thanks John.

Hey Sally

Nitrites/Nitrates, sulphites/sulphates, nuts, cured meat, fermented anything, these AREN’T on Dr S’s banned list (well not on my version anyway!).

So to avoid stress as far as possible, just stick to his list. If you still feel crap in 2 months, try the more draconian Bucholz diet! And I think Bucholz allows you eggs and milk, so swings and roundabouts.

Easy as pie (but not pork pie as that has msg in it :slight_smile: )

Thanks Dizzy :slight_smile:

I’m feeling a bit better tonight about the whole msg thing cos I’ve been to Tescos and Sainsburys, and found lots of things I can have - honey, ryvita, honey on ryvita :wink:

I think for some of the foods its also not to completely ban them but to decrease the amt of them in your diet!

If you are craving sweets - vanilla ice cream, i didn’t find anything bad in it :smiley: Also, if you make the sweets yourself, you can pick your ingredients!!

Thanks Tanya :slight_smile: that’s a good point - some things in moderation are probably fine.

Not sure about ice cream though because it’s dairy isn’t it? The sheet Dr S gave me says no to dairy. Mind you, I did cut out dairy (and wheat) some years ago, and nothing changed so it possibly isn’t a trigger for me.

Sorbet! Not lemon obviously but Raspberry or mango. Need to check other ingredients of course. I was thinking in this hot weather of getting some of those del monte pure fruit ice lollies. The orange and pineapple ones are out but I think they do raspberry. Will investigate.

You know, I’m thinking there’s a gap in the market here for MAV friendly ready meals. I could make a fortune. Dizzy Izzy’s Kitchen - guaranteed not to make you spin! Any backers?

Lol great idea!! I discovered Sesame Snaps when I was trawling the health food shop today. Well I didn’t discover them but I re-found them. Great if you want a sugary thing, like I often do with a cup of tea (redbush of course!). They just have sesame seeds, glucose syrup and sugar in - they are ok aren’t they?

Sorbet’s a brilliant idea too, Dizzy :slight_smile:


— Begin quote from “sallysp”

Lol great idea!! I discovered Sesame Snaps they are ok aren’t they?

— End quote

My doc, at Johns Hopkins, warned me off seeds, nuts, and beans (except black beans). I love sesame, but have been avoiding it thus far. Otherwise . . . .tahini!


I can’t find any of the listed ingredients on Kingsmill white bread that are on the MSG list. Does it not have MSG in it? Anyone know?

“Wo bu yao wei jin” and “mei yo wei jin” are phrases that I use constantly in Taiwan and China. They mean “I don’t want MSG” and “No MSG.”

Also useful here when ordering Chinese food.