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MTHFR gene mutation

Hello, everyone I had blood work done by my new enviromental health Doctor and one results that came back was stated that I have a double mutation on my MTHFR gene. When I looked up information about this online it says that’s this mutation can cause migraines along with a lot of other problems, has anyone ever heard of this? This mutation is supposed to make detoxing very difficult and toxins can really build up in your body. Thank you for your help!

Yep. That one’s attached to my endocrine/metabolic disorder - PCOS, too.

OH wow, is there anything you do to help manage it? I hear epsioms salts baths are a good way to detox.

Google it, there are quite a few strategies. It’s about, I gather, giving your body the right B vitamins and detoxing thru exercise, sweating, Epsom salt baths plus avoiding certain foods and increasing others with naturally high B vitamins.

Thanks so much!

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I am heterozygous for both the mthfr mutations. I’ve found methylated folic acid really helps my symptoms. I’ll post the brand in a second. It really does wonders for me. That and spinach.

Thank you for the reply. Do you know what dose of folic acid you take? And what symptoms dose it help you with?

I titrated up to 15mg. It’s prescribed as deplin. Most start at like 0.8mg. And it helps reduce pretty much every symptom. If I am super symptomatic it dials it all down. If I am nearly 100 it gets me there.

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I will look into that for sure. Thanks so much!

Some people feel pretty weird on methylfolate and methyl vitamins in general. If that happens, you can try folinic acid instead. Notice I wrote folinic, not folic. Starting with something like 0.8mg would be reasonable and it can take a few weeks to feel something.

Good luck, having double mutations can be a big finding for your health. A real life changer.

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Thank you, very helpful information!

Hello everyone, I have been trying to get as much information about this problem as possible, can anyone help me understand what this person was saying on another message board.
“I have been researching about Methylation which is a big component of our health and has a big bearing on our immune system which involves autoimmune disease and inflammation. Often the very things we want LDN for too. Its all about how and if your body detoxs properly through your liver. You can under methylate, over methylate or be ok. If you under methylate you have low neurotransmitters seretonin and dopamine which causes depressive and pain conditions and taking anti depressants, which work well for under methylators, because they raise seretonin which helps fix the depression and pain. If you are an over methylator you have high levels of seretonin and dopamine neurotransmitters so giving you antidepressants raises them even more which can make you more depressed and suicidal. So knowing your methylator status can be key to what treatment is right for you in this and many other health conditions”.
Would someone like me who has a double mutation be considered as having an under methylate problem?

See the below cycle for how the MTHFR gene interplays with seratonin and dopamine. For the most part the MTHFR enzyme is the rate limiting factor for that cycle, so if you’ve got problems with that gene, that cycle spins slower. Obviously life and disease isn’t about just increasing/decreasing various neruotransmiters in large swaths, but if you’ve got problems with your MTHFR gene, your methlyation cycle is probably spinning slowly, partially depending on your diet and other environmental factors.

TLDR, probably yes.

Hi. I think I have this too! R u in the UK and if so where did u go to get diagnosed please. I know you can get tests online but I would prefer to go to someone. Thanks. R

If you are on 23andme, you can simply download your data and use an online tool like genetic genie to see if you have the MTHFR mutations. Or, you can just take the methylated vitamins and see if you feel better :grinning:

MTHFR can be a real and important thing for some people, but I’ve seen people go down a rabbit hole of endless obsession - thinking it’s the holy grail of health or something. So, be careful not to get too caught up in all of it. Just my 2 cents.


Hi. I was tested for B12 which was normal and folic acid that was high. Do you know if that means I am absorbing too much or it is not going anywhere. This is complicated. I took Seeking Healths Multi but have stopped it now.Thanks.

That’s good your B12 is normal. I’ve never heard of a folic acid test and if that is meaningful.

Yeah and that’s my criticism of this whole vitamin thing, it shouldn’t be that complicated. I’ve been down this rabbit hole before and at the end of the day your body is pretty good at getting vitamins from a balanced diet. And adding extra vitamins usually results in simply urinating them out. But there are exceptions of course, and MTHFR is one of them. And if you are Vegan or something, then yep you need B12.

Thank you all for the help! I live in the US and the blood test was done through an environmental health doctor who is treating my possible Lyme, I really appreciate everyone’s help!

Hi Hale,

What’s the source for this fascinating graphic?


Can I ask as I have been doing some research on this and think it would be beneficial for me to have the test. I am finding online saliva tests and bloods tests… which one should I be looking at?

Thanks Kirsty x