Much worse after lifting weights

Hi all
I seem to have notice that my symptoms increase when lifting weight . Today was going somewhat ok so I decided to exercise (weight lifting) and I feel much worse after.
is this common with MAV?

It is for me. Moderate cardio and slow reps weight lifting are ok for me.

Hi Moe

I am usually found lifting weights and before Amitriptyline this was a really big problem for me… I know others also find increasing pressure (by lifting weights) exacerbates symptoms. This is not something uncommon. I am sure lots of people will comment on this post. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel weird sometimes when I excercise (swimming). Sometimes it feels better after it, sometimes not. I fan say that most of the times when I overdoing it its worse for me too.

Yep, I had this problem too. Nowadays I avoid weightlifting and focus on lighter exercises, e.g. indoor rowing.

When i do intense exercise i have this. When i run for long distances and do heavy weights. It usually subsides within 30 minutes. I feel much better an hour after working out when i have a clear head. Sometimes i feel the benefits on the next day as well. Overall working out helps immensely with inflammation and i was not pushing myself before and nowadays i am glad i do.


Me, too.