Multiple auras

Anybody else getting these? For the past few weeks i Have been having about 3 or 4 a week,one day I had 2 in a row.Tonight I got one right before I taught my class.Told my students if they could give me 5 minutes I would try to teach.

They only last about 15 minutes and it is just my vision that is affected.The wavy lines.From what I understand it sounds like retinal migraine.The sites I looked at said they are harmless,etc.

I am taking Verapamil and amitriptiline.Have been doing pretty well this past year.Vertigo was my big issue before.So don’t know what is up.This crap changes all the time!

Am seeing my neuro on Monday just wondered if anyone had any thoughts and or experience with these.

I did manage to teach my class,funny thing is one of the students came up and asked me if I had some drug to take as she had some in her purse,I’m guessing it was some kind of abortive.
Then another woman had to leave halfway as she got a migraine!!!
The weather change could be a big trigger but then again who knows?

Forgot to add that for about the past 6 weeks have been trialling hearing aids.My audi said at my last visit that she said maybe the haids are triggering it.She also gets migraines.
The ones I have are called Soundlens and they are like a contact lens for your ear.They go deep into the ear right next to the eardrum.
(My hearing is screwed up from the mav and or Menieres.The doctors can’t decide.)

I too get terrible auras. Horse shoe shape bright white flashing light with zig zag ones at side. My worst one was this week it was multi coloured. Couldn’t see a thing. It’s always my left side and I start to get a throb on my right side. I put one of those gel cool things on head immediately which stops the aura quicker and get pain killers down just as quick to stop the pain starting. Mostly I can avoid pain this way. Aura definitely goes quicker with the gel patch. I describe these as proper migraine I just never realised all this dizzy and vertigo and visual triggers were related

Sorry that you get them as well. I am lucky in that I am not getting the headache.Just a very faint one some times.When I was younger I had the proper aura with numbness down my arm and part of my face.Like clock work,then the headache from hell.
Glad the gel helps you.

Just thought I would post that my neuro said to take an aspirin a day 75mg and that can act as a preventative for auras.Hope he’s right.Thought I would post this as someone may search or need this information.

And for the same reason as the James above:

I only started suffering from what I believe are auras recently, so I dont have much experience or knowledge of them really.

I had one yesterday which last 50 minutes, with these symptoms:

  • sensitive to smell and light
  • dizzy/faint
  • walking as if floating
  • hot flush/clammy
  • nausea

Is this reminiscent of an aura? I was worried about how faint I felt…

I started with Zig Zag multicolour disturbances in 2016. Last 20mins, start from a small dot and opening up to an arc of zig zag multicoloured light which moved past the left or right eye to then disappear. Very scary but optician said nothing to worry about. However, with natural curiosity you have to try to pin down a cause. So lockdown gave me time to monitor and analyse. I was on three medications at the time of onset of auras, amlodipine, statins and naproxen. I changed my lifestyle to eliminate the need for amlodipine and statins and in consultation with my doctor was able to come off this medication. This did not eliminate the auras. In the case of naproxen I was on a high dose of this medication for a period in 2016 and my need for the medication for pain relief became reduced such that I could control my pain with over the counter ibuprofen.
So my last action was to stop ibuprofen and the auras stopped. It took 11 days from stopping ibuprofen before the auras stopped.
I am still monitoring but so far no auras. You can imaging the relief of not having to suffer these disturbances even though they are not life threatening.
Hope this will help anyone suffering from these auras.