Must be anxiety

well I may have underlying MaV don’t know that yet but this must be anxiety now from my menopause and stuff. I felt pretty good and headed out to the gym and i usually get dizzy afterwards now and it is hard to drive home but i manage with some help from my BF on the phone or something.

Well i got almost to the gym and got real dizzy in the car and pulled over into some apartments and had to get back to the main street and got all dizzy just like i had already been exercising.

this must be anxiety!!! i can’t imagine it being the motion of the car cuz i rode around in my BFs car yesterday - got dizzy in stores but not really in the car.

i sure hope when i take the celexa it helps with this and doesn’t cause weight gain much. i’m gonna have to break down when i hae a few days of not having to go anywhere.

i’ve never had my dizziness like this really - i’ve been sick off and on for 30 years but this is different this time must be the meno causing the anxiety. can’t be allergies it’s winter here.


Okay i have a question to all of you who try alternative stuff - what if i totally chicken out on the antidepressants - what could i take for anxiety>


I find that anxiety is just part and parcel of a vestibular/migraine disorder, but certainly with lower amounts of hormones or a hormone imbalance, anxiety might be more likely to rear its ugly head. One thing you could try would be to get your hormone levels tested and then based on the information get a knowledgeable doctor to prescribe bioidentical hormones. Those hormones, in particular progesterone, may help mitigate some of your symptoms, not necessarily all, but it might be a good start. They probably won’t take away the dizzies, but can cut down on headaches, sleep problems, anxiety levels, and morning blahs if hormone levels are the contributory factors.

The American Academy of Neurology recently came out with a report that vertigo may be a symptom of migraine in menopausal women. Their recommendation is to use both hormone replacement and migraine meds … l-migraine

Besides hormone replacement, there are also adaptogens like rhodiola, ashwagandha; amino acids like l-theanine; minerals like magnesium and calcium are calming, B vitamins help strengthen the nervous system. Everybody is different, diet can also be a factor, keeping blood sugar steady by eating small, frequent meals, avoiding migraine trigger foods, exercise, and having the same sleep-wake cycle every day whether it’s a weekend or not.

Listening to or making music can help me with my anxiety. Hard exercise, too, when I can handle that, and in the past slower, more “meditative” movement. Breath meditations, starting with very, very full exhalation, held momentarily. Making plans of how I’ll handle what I’m worried about. Taking care of unappealing tasks I’ve been putting off. And of course cuddling.

thanks David. I did manage to exercise at home and it made me feel better after the dizziness wore off. I never used to get dizzy exercising. Not sure what that is - MaV probably.

Hope you are having a good day.


Chris – you could always try 5HTP if you’re still freaking out over an SSRI. 5HTP is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and is a precursor to serotonin (brain happy chemical). It crosses the blood-brain barrier and you will feel the difference. It is still a substance that will affect you just like a pharmaceutical drug though you might feel more comfortable trying this first. If you do want to have a crack at it, by the one made by Jarrow. You can get it quite cheaply from

You can also check out the forums for 5HTP here:


thanks Scott. i could try that but i may just have to get brave and take the celexa this next thursday or friday like i was thinking of doing. Sounds like the 5HTP is very similar and can cause some problems too and then it cant be mixed with the SSRIs so i hate to start it unless i know i’m not gonna take celexa. i’m going to my fav dr on Monday so maybe i’ll talk to him a bit.

my sister asked her pharmacist neighbor and told me that there was a study done (many i’m sure) but one that showed Paxil weight gain in 22% of the people and celexa only 4% so that’s a little better :slight_smile:

I have to do something soon because my life is suffering.


Thank you Dizzytink too i will check out that link. i thought about the hormones too but like you said that won’t help with the dizzies where there may be a chance the celexa might - don’t know yet of course until i try. I’m post menopausal so im sure my hormones are low and prob fluctuating. i have been having several hot flashes a day and i don’t sleep well at all at all any more.

i do take plenty of calcium and magnesium - my bloodwork showed everyting okay except my b6 a tiny bit low but it seems like that could go up if i start eating spinach again - i thought it was a trigger but not sure. it’s not on the migraine approved list i don’t think. also chicken which i eat has B6 in it.

thanks again