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My Aimovig Experiment: Good News for Headaches

If your migraine comes with headaches this could be of interest. You know I have been on this forum for years so I am not trying to market anything.
I had a 3 week migraine Headache, continuous, unwavering, ranging 6-9/10, considered going for hospital and/or get steroids shot.

I took an Aimovig shot, and not kidding you, it stopped it in its tracks within hours. I got both drowsy and the headache disappeared. I am pretty confident it is not placebo effect.

For few days my headaches was 0-1/10! Now it is back up to its usual pre-episode level, which is lower than that episode.

Bad news: it did not do much for vestibular issues. Not yet.
I felt compelled to share.


Glad to hear you’re having success with it. Maybe it builds up in your system - does it? - and then will help the vestibular issues as well. That’s a theory being attached to Botox although very recently I think we’ve heard of somebody on this forum who’s had success with Botox for both already. Helen

Thanks for sharing your partial success. Atleast you have some relief from the headaches.

@bachissimo Please continue to update us on your Aimovig journey. I really hope to hear it starts helping with the dizziness soon!

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Er, can I ask what happened next? How you doing? Not asking for myself cos I don’t get the headaches but on behalf of others I know. Helen

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