My bedroom dehumidifier seems to be helping (I'll update this thread if I notice continual improvement)

I live in the Pacific Northwest and it is known to be more humid in the fall, winter and spring compared to the summer months. My bedroom probably ranges from 45%-55% humidity in the summer and 55%-65% the rest of the year. It is apparent that there are some ventilation issues in this house. Naturally I feel much better in the drier summer months.

I purchased a cheap $50 dehumidifier for my bedroom. It has brought the humidity in my bedroom down to 45% humidity. I think I got a much better sleep and thus had a more productive day today. It is not a cure, but I will experiment with for the next few weeks.

When you dry the air you also prevent harmful molds and allergens from spreading. They usually make my migraine symptoms and dizziness worse.

I suggest that people who have noticeable sinus congestion issues, neck soreness and sleep problems consider this.

Lastly, people they notice issues with changes in weather may potentially benefit from it.

If anyone thinks this worth a try for them, I’d recommend two things to get started:

1. A decent indoor temp/humidity monitor (they can be purchased for $30-50 on Amazon). If your humidity levels are above 60% in your residence you have an issue. Also, many people advise that the level should be below 50%

2. A cheap dehumidifier for a small room (they can be purchased for the same price)

Bonus. If you want to be adventurous pair this dehumidifier with a HEPA air purifier (decent ones cost more than $100)