My dizziness goes away as soon as I wear Sunglasses?

Hi there,

I’m curious, does anyone else’s dizziness go away as soon as they wear sunglasses? I’m assuming it’s the Sunlight and florescent lighting that’s making me dizzy.

Florescent lighting is a trigger and makes my dizziness worse. Unfortunately sunglasses don’t help, but I’m glad they’re working for you.

Yeah i have this. When i wear sunglasses i don’t seem to be dizzy. It’s very strange. Or i am loads better

When this all started for me, I had a sudden urge to wear sunglasses to go outside which I wouldn’t normally do. I remember it was a really warm and sunny spring in 2009 so it was probably due to increased light sensitivity but I also wondered whether sunglasses mask the dizziness a bit because vestibular disturbances are often caused by a mismatch between what the vestibular system senses and what your eyes are seeing. Therefore by wearing sunglasses you are kind of masking and damping down the amount of detail that your eyes can see and therefore the mismatch is less making the dizzy sensation seem less. Just one theory…