My Dizziness Story

Hi Folks

Newbie here

13 weeks ago my life changed!

I had been feeling off for a week… Just a cold type virus.My ears were pretty blocked.

As the days passed I noticed when out walking I had a real brain fog. Felt spaced out and everything felt a bit surreal.

I also felt off balance. Fine when sitting or lying down. Symptoms started when I was out walking around moving.

A few weeks passed and the brain fog dissapeared but I was left with general dizziness when moving and 100% worse when I entered a busy place like supermarkets etc. Sent my brain haywire.

I have never had spinning sensations or nausea.

I have been off work since.

GP put it down to a post viral balance disorder.

Fed up with feeling like this I went and found vestibular physio.

I had my first appt at week 8. She tested me for Bppv which was negative and agreed there had been some kind of vestibular episode.

I started VRT. At week 10 I was seeing some real improvements although things got worse before they improved.

I started going running and worked myself up to 3 miles. I felt great and was really back to normal!

I restarted HIT classes at the gym and done a cpl. PT was happy with this. PT was happy for my to stop VRT.

6 days ago a few hours after a HIT class the dizziness returned. I was lying on the sofa and it came from no where.

PT advised me to start VRT again which I have done.

I feel like I’m back to square one. Brain fog and dizziness has returned… So frustrating I’m due back at work and unsure if I will cope.

I have my first Ent appointment next week. Something I hoped I would not need.

Please tell me this gets better!!

Sorry about the long post

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Welcome. Seems a somewhat familiar story unfortunately. It almost invariably does improve eventually but it unfortunately can take a loooong time and it can get a lot worse before it starts to improve again.

You may need the help of an oto-neuro, although the ENT may be able to help.

Leading up to this were you in any way under any prolonged and significant stress?

Any trauma of any kind in the last couple of years?

Nope. I’m a pretty laid back person.

Prob the fittest I had ever been!

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Very odd.

Do you by any chance do a lot of gym exercise?


Prior to my issues I was doing 3 or 4 Hi intensity classes per week

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Well … I noticed a trend on here for a while. A lot of people who’ve been very regular gym attendees or even personal trainers. It got me thinking…

Could this condition be caused or exacerbated by a drop of electrolytes in the bloodstream lost in sweat and at the same time a big increase in ADH in bloodstream going beyond a healthy threshold causing a deficit of sodium in the inner ear? (Given there are so few answers I theorise A LOT). See: Anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) - The role of the kidneys in homeostasis – WJEC - GCSE Biology (Single Science) Revision - WJEC - BBC Bitesize and Is This the Surprising Cause of Your Metabolic Inner Ear Disorder?

In any case follow the treatment advice you get and know that you will invariably get on top of this after some time.

Good luck and keep us posted. Consider starting a diary in #personal-diaries for updates.

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