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My doctor thinks I have VM, but I'm not so sure.

My doctor thinks I have VM but I’m not so sure. No medication has helped. My episodes come every few weeks with vomiting and diarrhea. I’m unable to walk without help and would be crawling on the floor to the bathroom if alone. I consider them very severe. I’ve suffered for 20 years and nothing helps.

Hi Joan and welcome. Not quite sure where your current comment fits into this thread but you mostly certainly sound as if your symptoms are a perfect fit to this site. Perhaps you’d like to expand on your experiences by introducing yourself on a ‘new here intro …’ thread or starting a Personal Diary. If you prefer to continue browsing try a dip into my diary. Like you I have a close affinity with bathroom floors. :joy:You should feel right on home

Thank you. I am not good at navigating technology but will give it a try.


No problem @Joan I’ve moved your posts to your very own Topic. Welcome, and sorry for your suffering.

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Lots of ways to do that but a quick one is to click my Avatar, orange circle with O on it twice with slight pause between, at next screen it takes you to look for the highlighted word, should be ‘Activity’ then to move highlight left to cover the word ‘Summary’ click the word ‘Summary’ and then when screen changes again you will see ‘top topics’ right hand side screen and my diary is the first listed ‘Onandon’ diary. Click it. Btw my username reflects our joint experience of MAV. It just goes On and On. I hope you might be able to discover some new info now you are here that will help relieve your suffering. If you get further stuck with the tech side you can PM me so we can chat privately by pressing your own avatar and looking out for and clicking on a little envelope.

Thank you so much. When I’m feeling better, I will be back in touch.

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