My first post / brief history

Hello everyone, I’ll keep it brief for now!!!

-4 year history of “occasional” pain/fullness in right ear, “occasional” weird sounds and vibrations, likely eustachian tube dysfunction.
-About Jan 1, 2012 (4 months ago), got dizzy and off-balance. Never had a terrible episode. Just came and stayed.
It’s not overwhelming, but certainly sucky. Visually, moving objects and also moving objects on TV screen give me a little
-Right ear starting ringing in late march. Also constant, but I’m kind of used to it now. (hearing still normal).
-Had vestibular testing 2 weeks ago. All eye testing appeared to be normal…until the final test, caloric testing revealed a 35% or so deficit on the right side.

But here’s kind of the kicker…the vestibular testing made me “worse”…but only visually. Since the testing, I have light sensitivity, more afterimages, and a little more palinopsia or something similar.

Had a normal brain MRI 4 days ago. And normal eye exam today.

Also, for 3 days, the back of my neck and/or somewhere inside of my head, also on the right, has been buzzing/throbbing.

So I guess I’ll assert this:
From reading a little bit on the forum, is seems fair to say that all of these conditions that people have seem unique in
some ways from person to person.

And I’ll ask:
Does it seem nuts that vestibular testing made my visual symptoms worse and brought on light sensitivity?
The audiologist said she’d never seen someone have increased visual symptoms after this testing. I guess a part of my question is whether that sounds kind of migrainous and whether MAV episodes can be “for weeks” (or years?), and constant.

It’s all crazy, I know.
Many thanks, John


In a nutshell, I’d say yes, yes, and yes… :wink:

I have a lot of the symptoms you’ve mentioned. Horrible stuff, this MAV, but you’re right - each person is a little different, as we’re talking about individual brain chemistry.

As for the testing, from what I’ve heard, yes, it can make things worse, though it doesn’t always. (Different things can act as triggers for different folks. Sounds like something they did set off your migraine brain…)

And, yes, unfortunately, some folks deal with this for months and/or years. (I had my first MAV issues over the course of 5 months in 2010. I had a nice break for a few months, then it all started back again early 2011. I didn’t get a diagnosis till late 2011/early 2012, so still dealing with this stuff as I try out various meds. Been visually “off” and rocking to varying degrees for over a year now. Oi.

Thank you!

Yes, ironically, I am in some ways glad that it can last years…by that I mean, I read that migraines last up to 72 hours.
But I’ve had light sensitivity for exactly 2 weeks…it’s quite disturbing at first.
But I’m starting to get the impression based on this forum that 24/7 light sensitivity and similar visual issues is not rare.