My Pattern of Symptoms

Here’s what just happened to me this morning, seems more and more lately this is the pattern (with the exception of waking up from a deep sleep):

I woke up from a sound sleep with an awful feeling that something was wrong. I don’t know “what”, I just sat up in bed, scared. I don’t have a clue what I was scared of. Something just wasn’t right. Strange kind of panic attack I guess. This lasted a good 20 minutes or so and as soon as I started to calm down the dizzies kicked in. The bed spinning in little short bursts, and that falling “through the bed” type feeling. I took an ibuprofen and waited for it to pass.

It took about an hour for the ibuprofen to kick in, and I began to feel a little bit better. The anxiety is completely gone, the spinning has let up, and now I’m just left with this unbalanced feeling. When I stop moving, everything feels like its still moving. No headache. I feel completely drained, and fuzzy headed.

Its off to bed for me - to try and sleep it off. Just thought I’d share.

Benzos are sounding better everyday. :frowning:



Oddly, as i was just Google-scholaring Jen’s euphoria, I came across the opposite side of the coin, which described the prodrome you are having in your very words “something is wrong and I don’t know what.”

I guess it’s good that you get a prodrome so you know to load up on ibuprofen, yes?

Take care,