My pulling sensation

I know this probably has been talked about before; but I cannot find anything real similar. …when I walk I have pulling from side to side ( for a year almost) and feel like a penguin. It makes it so hard to walk and I am trying to be grateful that I can walk. I take 300 Mgs of lamitcal, too, right now. Anyhow, I guess, I am wondering if someone out there has this every time they walk. I have seen the pulling to the one side on this site and from others, and know it is all bad…but just wish it would all stop. I just want to know if anyone else has the " pulling penguin" thing. Thanks- L

P.s.-- I also get that swimmy, floaty feeling, too. I am sure the pulling from side to side is the mav and such…just miss being able to walk with a normal gait and maybe just wondering if someone else has this exact or similar symptom. Thanks for listening/reading. :?

Yup. I always feel like I’m pulling a bit to the left. Sometimes it’s worse than others. (That’s one of the ways my ENT knew there was some sort of vestibular issue. He had me hold out my hands in front of me, close my eyes, and march in place. I turned to the left.)


In my opinion if the pulling hasnt resolved for a year with Lamictal alone then its time to add another med to it or switch. Considering you hav been on Lamictal for so long could you tell me what symptoms did Lamictal get rid off? I wanna be trying Lamictal next so gathering all the info that I can

I am on lamitcal xr and I would say, in a nutshell, that it took my rocking back in forth in my head and made it the swimmy boat feeling. At first, it was so scary because it happened rather fast, and I did not barely know how to walk with this " new" symptom per say. I do think it has helped, but I have been also doing the migraine diet super, super strict- almost like I am scared of food, unless I know it is safe. I eat alot, and I mean alot, of the same few things. I would say the medicine has helped maybe 20 percent, I guess. I am going to try an antidepressant with it next. I just, in no way, feel very right…basically, so very,very many things trigger me- along with pulling left and right when I walk…and that is in the house. I do not mean to discourage you. I certainly do not want to stop taking it and am grateful for it. The neuro said there is room to increase. I do think it is a pretty good drug. Leann

I guess, at least, I can tell triggers now. Although, disequilibrium is very, very often.

I had strong veering to the right as a main symptom of walking, for a while. It eventually resolved, I don’t veer anymore (thank God)…I think it resolved on it’s own as I don’t think I had started the nortryptaline yet.

My vestibular disorder started 6 months ago as a bad vertigo attack and my symptoms ahve morphed and changed a lot since then. The difficulty walking (veering to the right, bad “head shifts” and minor dizziness all while walking) was a symptom I’m guessing around the mid term period. It was very frustrating. I made myself take walks almost every day even though I hated how gross I felt. Not really sure when or how it stopped being a problem but it did…maybe it was a form of brain training, I don’t know.

Of course I have other nasty symptoms. One resolves and another one takes it’s place!!! :x

My early stages of MAV make it used to feel like I was walking or driving uphill. Being in large, open areas made it even worse. That all went away, thankfully, but I still feel like I am being pulled here or there at any given point in the day.