My sense of reality is a little warped ...

Mine originally started in 2014 when I was about 16. It changed into a new kind of disorientation begining of this year. No longer really dizzy/vertigo due to medication but my sense of reality is a little warped. I feel dirty for saying this but I kinda miss it. I used to play games and test my limits see what I can and can’t do. Attempt 4D movie theaters (look it up), climbing ladders, rock climbing etc. I don’t recommend any of what I did out of safety because I’m mildly an idiot, but I learned to try and have fun with and push myself. Even if you throw up in the parking lot of the 4D movie theater 15 minutes into Star Wars Rise of Skywalker where the first 10 minutes are a space battle spinning all around. :sweat_smile: I guess I just communicated with what I had going on internally and tried to create an understanding, almost a symbiotic relationship between myself and my vertigo. For the most part it helped if not physically mentally.


Wow …laughter is good medicine, you had me laughing…Have a Blessed day :hugs:

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First: welcome!

The vestibular sense is closely related to sense of self, ego. This can translate into weird feelings of disassociation and related feelings. It was the first thing I felt … almost an out of body experience and I thought I’d had a stroke.

Btw, I looked at your bio (thanks for filling it in) and I notice you love video games - do you ever wonder if they have been a contributing factor?

I often wonder that if you play 3D first person games a lot, this will irritate the brain as you are forced to disconnect your inner ears from movement …

We had another user here (@Kon) who first encountered these symptoms after an extended gaming session (see Diagnosed with migrainous vestibulopathy)

I wonder if the stress of gaming might also be a root cause …

Just read his post and I had so many similarities to @Kon . It was almost uncanny. I at first thought the same thing with the headphones as I just got a new set before, but since I also fell off a ladder the day it got bad and got the headphones 2 days prior I could never really put my finger on which caused it to be worse. Video games were hard with the slant and honestly there are times I still notice it when I game. It’s not as bad as I feel the meds helped a lot. I work a mildly stressful job aka customer service manager in a not so nice neighborhood so I live off stress. The competitive edge with video games while mildly stressful is also a huge relief. With what you said with disconnecting the ears and relying on visual stimuli for virtual movement I do notice it playing with my head a bit and at first it was horrible but as I’ve played games that are extremely linear like Minecraft it helped a bit retraining my brain on what not slanted should look like but games like call of duty it took me time to get back into as the environments aren’t as leveled or linear like Minecraft. Pros and cons. But I appreciate you showing me his post it by far is the most similar to some of my issues that I’ve read on here.:blush:

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