My vertigo

I wanted to share my story. I get horrible balace issues but the weird thing i never get headaches. at my job i have to stand 12 hr shifts and talk with people. the up and down head movement, watching a movie, reading on computer makes me dizzy. the room does not spin but i feel like i am off balace. airplanes takeoffs and landings are horrible. before i used to feel off balace once every 6 months. latley i am living with this 24/7 my neuro thinks it is vam plus some ear issue although the tests were negative. when i start to focus i get dizzy. i can not cut vegetables. even if i do not eat on time by a mere 10 minutes i start getting dizzy. the weird thing i do not feel hungry but before that i start feeling dizzy. any one in the same boat as me ? no room spinning vertigo but just off balace like i am about to fall off.

I used to be in the same boat as you for the most it not all
Now the cymbalta is controlling my symptoms a fair bit so its much better
Not 100% but better to manage it
I too have never had a headache or true spinning rotational vertigo

my md wants me to try out medrol dose pack any one here has tried it? I am afraid that it might make things more worse since everyday at work is a struggle. he thinks medrol would put down the fire in the brain. any comments?

Just guessing, but is vam short for vertigo and migraine? Not seen that abbreviation before but neurologists have their own way of describing this condition. My current neuro calls it migrainous vertigo, another neuro diagnosed vertiginous migraine, my physio: migraine and vertigo, this forum seems to stick with migraine associated vertigo.


I get the room spinning vertigo as well as the feeling of I’m going to fall of the edge of the earth. My symptoms are made alot better by Valium, and time seems to have helped me heal somewhat from this episode.

VAM - Vertigo associated migraine?