Nadolol and amitriptyline

Hey there! I have been on Nadolol 40 mg for 4 weeks. Have seen some major improvement in this past month, with most of the dizziness leaving me. Have resumed driving a little, and able to tolerate the stores briefly. (Am hoping to go back to work July 1st) I just saw neurologist today, and he wants to add amitriptyline 10mg at bedtime to see if we can get rid of all of the symptoms. In your expert opinions, should I continue on just the Nadolol for a couple more weeks to see if this med alone and dietary mods could kick these sypmtoms, or should I try adding the amitriptyline too? (He told me this dose of ami is very small and should not really do much in terms of side effects other than drowsiness and dry mouth)
Thanks for your responses!


I took a combination of two drugs to start with and they seemed to help me much more in combination than alone. I’ve not taken amitryptiline, but my husband does (for normal migraines not MAV) and he found he was very tired to start with, but this wore off within a few weeks. He’s had amazing success with this, it’s really transformed his quality of life.

Sorry I just have a question for you. What is Nadolol?

Nadolol is a beta blocker, similar to propanolol, but is usually more tolerated.

I tried ami at 10mg and didn’t get any real bad side effects at all. A little dizzy after a couple of hours before bed, but in the morning I was fine. NOt really tired. As a matter of fact, it helped my mood a lot and my headaches went away within days…it didn’t end up helping my dizziness, so I went off, and no problems getting off either…it was pretty easy and I had worked up to 20mg…
You should be fine…
Best to you…

I say go for it - I’m on Nortriptyline (Ami is the parent drug) and I’ve had a lot of success at 35mg but I feel I may need a second drug to get further.

I’m planning to keep increasing the Nori until I notice more or no difference.

Good luck.