is it just me, or does napping just totally throw your brain off?! Don’t get me wrong, those quick 20 minute “cat naps” are wonderful, but sometimes on the weekends, I’ll get to lay down while my kids are napping for a few hours and geez…my body is totally confused, doesn’t know what time it is and feels like a I’ve been hit by a truck.

Anyone else have similar symptoms with napping? I know our brains like a very routine schedule but I like to get sleep when I can! Come to think of it, I have felt like this my whole life, even as a teenager! (I’m 30.)

Great question.

When I am totally symptomatic, a nap is absolutely necessary.

However, as soon as I close my eyes, things are not “peaceful” in my world…for lack of a better word. Things get very “busy”, loud, and just plain disturbing.

I do not know if this is because I have closed my eyes and have now lost one of my three (3) balance sensors or what the reason is???

However, if I can will myself to take a 20-30 minute nap (ie. try to picture myself in a place somewhere else…ie Hawaii)…I am rested up and I feel much better than I did prior to the nap.

Does that make any sense at all? The 20 minute nap helps my brain tremendously re-calibrate itself and makes me feel better…

The problem is…even though I am exhausted, I cannot just fall asleep. Closing my eyes makes me even more anxious and more agitated. Don’t ask me to explain, just telling you :mrgreen:


I have the same problem. An afternoon kip or morning lie-in wreaks havoc with my brain - I usually feel worse.

Apparently it’s got something to do with which bit of sleep you wake up in. A 20 minute ‘power nap’ doesn’t render one stupored because you wake up before deeper sleep kicks in. However, anything longer than 40 mins (hence expression 40 winks? just wondering) means you’re likely to be going to wake up during a deeper sleep thus rendering you sluggish, clumsy, knackered, confused, whatever, unless of course you’re sleeping during your proper cycle, i.e. at night.

While we’re on the subject, I’ve often wondered why I’m one of those people who ALWAYS wakes up feeling totally knackered, never mind how much sleep I’ve had. Those people who wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning and leap out of bed are a complete mystery to me. This only happens to me about once a year, usually when I’m on holiday somewhere hot.

Also, I sleep the sleep of the dead. I rarely wake up during the night, have no trouble falling asleep and even when my twins were babies and cried in the night I slept right through and dh had to sort it out (bad mum :evil: ). So this doesn’t fit in does it? I was like this before I started Dothiepin 10 years ago. That just made me worse.

I must say since starting the Lyrica I’ve been waking up feeling more refreshed.

Dizzy Izzy

Just curious - have any of you ever had a sleep study done? For me (and I believe for a lot of people) sleep, or lack thereof, is a powerful trigger. I’ve always wondered - on those nights even when I feel like I slept OK but still feel like crap in the morning, did I really sleep as well as I thought? It’s crossed my mind in the past that sleep problems might be part of the ‘smoking gun’ that a lot of us look for. Perhaps we sleep, but toss and turn all night, or something else prevents us from getting to the deepest (and most important) part of our deep sleep.

Totally interesting concept- a sleep study. I always feel like I don’t get enough sleep and waking up is very hard for me- I hate mornings! (Even if I get a full 8-9 hour rest) I am a great sleeper too. I can sleep through anything and feel somewhat refreshed. Naps just are “no bueno” and I’m always tired. But, I am thankful for sleep- it is really the only escape for me.

Gonzaga- I totally get it- no worries!

Dizzy Izzy- I love all of the different english terminology! We don’t use “40 winks” in the states, but I understand it and wish we did! By the way, how is the royal wedding fiasco? Is it a lot of fun? We are all excited about it over here!