Nasty start-up side effects? Cymbalta / SNRI's

I have been on two doses of cymbalta 30mg now. One yesterday at 10am and one this morning at 10am. Since then I’ve had extreme nausea, chills/shaking/chattering teeth, and excessive yawning. This morning I almost passed out three times from getting out of bed too quickly. I also have dilated pupils, which doesn’t seem to be a listed side effect but the Internet says antidepressants can cause pupil dilation. Now I have dizziness and a headache, but that’s possibly migraine related.

Does this all sound normal? Do I keep riding it out?

chills And shaking yes happens to me even till today even enough i have been on the cymbalta since MAY
however I dont care cz its helping my MAV which is much worst than the shaking

but that doesnt mean that yours will remain. i also had the yawning but that went away. nausea and upset tummy is another s/e of the cymbalta but thank god i didnt go through. i reckon if u can stick out the s/es then u should. it should stabilize after some time.

my mom was on cymbalta, and when she started she had like 99% of the side effects. They were horrible, but all went away in 2weeks and she was able to go from there.

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

I haven’t really been dizzy since starting it till now. But dizziness is a side effect too so hopefully it will pass and the mav dizziness will go away too.

I got off this stuff. Had panic in the first week, chronic diarrhea for a month, and extreme, extreme fatigue the entire time. I ramped up to 60 mg and since it wasn’t helping, was told to stop. One doc said bump it to 80, one doc told me to stop - both in the same office. Doc told me I could quit cold turkey because there are no withdrawal side effects. What an idiot. After I started to feel withdrawal, even after taper, they gave me Effexor to combat the side effects I wasn’t having. The Effexor gave me such bad upper back and neck pain I had to stop that also. So I am back to withdrawal symptoms.

Botox is not helping.

Now that I am off all that stuff, I am back to feeling like total crap instead of just 90% crap. They want me to take Klonopin at night now.

I have an appointment next week for trigger point injections.

Karen from Arizona

There is almost no escaping the side effects of ssri’s in my honest opinion.