Natural VRT

This afternoon I took my greyhound for a five mile walk over fields (very uneven ground), across streams (couldn’t see the bottom), across a very narrow wobbly bridge which I almost fell from several times and over a style!! The last one was hilarious. It took me at least ten minutes to cross the blooming thing because I was holding on with both hands, standing on the bottom rail but every time I lifted one leg to lift it over I became so wobbly I almost fell off. I had to try and try and try again until eventually I made it across. My legs were like jelly after that but I then had to navigate a fallen tree, a ditch and another mile of field so when we got back to the car I collapsed in a heap. Luckily I have a very patient dog. I think all that was better for compensating my brain than any formal VRT, what do you think?

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Yes, its much more fun, natural and costs a lot less! Sounds like you had a lovely time! :slight_smile:

We did James thank you, I now have a very tired :dog2:!

Haha. Cute. A Greyhound, now there’s a speed target for you! :wink:

Wow! That was quite a walk! Bet both of you had fun, though. I’m sure the outdoors did you the world of good, and that you (both) slept well last night!:laughing:
How’re you feeling to-day?

Yes to all of that thank you! It was such a challenge but I felt soooo good for doing it and not giving up. I had my fold up walking stick in my bag but every time I thought I needed it I told myself to keep going just a bit further and hey presto I made it without using it. The meds must really be doing me good now. TOpiramate has been a tough on to get used to but I have started on a really small dose and am going up 12.5mg at a time. Each increase makes me feel exhausted and dizzy for 4 days and then I feel better. I think I will stay at the dose I am on now for a bit to see how I get on as the walk yesterday proved to me that I am so much better than I was and I am not struggling today. In the past I would have been wiped out for two days after that much exertion. How are you? You have been very quiet this week so I hope you are ok.

I’m fine, thanks. Ran a little experiment on my self on Monday which seems to have helped…just want to wait a little longer before putting it out there. We have our daughter and hubby visiting this weekend, so may indulge in a coffee or two and maybe even an alcoholic beverage…:grin: Will let you know how it goes!
So glad to hear that the meds are helping this time - keep up the walks and fresh air!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and no repercussions from the odd naughty beverage!!

I was with my daughter this afternoon as it is her birthday, lovely, and I had my first cake for MONTHS. Feeling fat and full😚