Nausea headache immediately looking through optics

Age 56. Good general vision, reading vision just starting to deteriorate. General good health. Symptoms below started around three years ago:
As soon as I look through prescribed reading glasses, telescope or binoculars etc - for no more than 5 seconds - I’ll immediately get nausea and headaches that will last 3-4 hours.
Thinking that it was restricted to close-to-eye optics I bought a low strength magnifying glass to be able to look at small print at arm’s length, but immediately suffered the same symptoms.
I’d say that my balance has marginally worsened in tge last three years, but not to any debilitating effect.

I’m worried that as my reading vision degrades that I’ll not be able to correct for it. Can anyone help point me in the right direction to start diagnosing ?

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It sounds like your eyes need some time to adjust. I get nauseous as well if I get new prescription reading glasses. When I have my eyes tested, I only accept new reading glasses if my eyes have deteriorated significantly. If the difference is only minor, I stay with my old glasses. I have done this now for over five years and have not had any problems.

I suggest you give your eyes some time to adjust. Maybe start with a few minutes, then add more minutes after a few days. If this does not work, I would consult with the optometrist.