I was wondering how many of you have nausea spells in the midst of this…it has gotten to the point where everyday here as of late I am getting nauseated at least once a day.

This is something new…and I wonder if this is part of the MAV or could it be something else…

From day 1 of this (before pregnancy) I have been nauseous from this illness. I always have some degree of nausea, but it is variable, such that some days it is more intense. very normal to have nausea with MAV I would presume

I also have nausea on a regular basis. Some days are better than others. Sometimes it lasts four a few hours then goes away and I am very hungry. I can never tell how I am going to feel.

Do you take anything for the nausea specifically …when you have it . Oh boy another symptom to add to the mix…


I was so sick nauseated the whole time with my first child and not at all with my second…this nausea reminds me of what experienced when I was pregnant…I hope it goes away…or I will never get out of the house.

Timeless: that is exactly how I feel. Just like morning sickness when I was pregnant. My MAV is being “blamed” on fluctuating hormones due to menopause, so the nausea may be hormonal just like during pregnancy. I use the same techniques I used during pregnancy, small meals, eat something as soon as I can when getting up in the morning. Sometimes when I start to feel the nausea coming over me I eat something small and feel better. When I am really desparate I take Bonine (meclizine) which is for motion sickness. It is over the counter in the U.S.
What do you do when you have the nausea?

Mine so far has hit me in the afternoons and I have just let it run its course yesterday it took several hours before I went to sleep and it seems better this morning but I feel a headache coming on so I wonder if that is my new sign for a headache yuck!

I eat small meals, and try and eat when I get up also if it gets really bad then I can take the phenegran (sp) but it is a prescription medication here so I have to be careful…plus it is very strong and knocks me out.

I am sure some of all of this is hormonal too I just do not want to miss them looking at something if it could be something else too…that is my concern.

Since you have hormones issues , let me ask do you have what they call the internal shaking at times…this is driving me crazy but some say it is normal only get it at night and in the early mornings or if I lay down very frustrating.

I’ve had that internal shaking. Very weird. For me it definitely had an hormonal element. It improved of it’s own accord in time, although I think a little ERT I started to take might have helped. I’m not sure. I do remember thinking what a weird experience it was though. I also get nausea from time to time. Never found anything to help really, I just tend to sit it out.


I don’t take anything for the nausea, except for drinking ginger ale at times. I just try to eat through it.

I get the feeling that my insides are moving. I try to sit at my desk at work and my body wants to move. I usually get a sensation in my right ovary when this is happening, so I know it is hormonal. Being a breast cancer survivor I cannot take ERT (although I was so desparate I tried it and my oncologist was very upset with my so I stopped).

Nausea is huge for me as well. Besides the woozy head, the nausea has always been present. I deal with it almost daily but when its pretty bad, I take an anti-nausea pill that my doc prescribed for me…this helps tremendously. Nausea is one of the things that I can look back on in my childhood and see that I did struggle in some way with silent migraine back then.


I have always had nausea as part of my MAV package.
Now I have the whole thing unders control and mostly feeling a lot better, diet and meds…I get nausea more than dizziness…it is like the first sign even if I don’t reach real dizziness, like my warning.
For example, today around noon I started to feel weird and had nausea all afternoon, then tonight a huge storm has just started…I am really super sensitive to storms and my body goes crazy. Great, I can do the diet as much as I can but those storms I just cannot control !!
Good luck to you all !


Hi Penny,

It is wonderful to hear that you seem to have your MAV under control. Care to write a success story post to give the rest of us struggling some hope???!!! :smiley:

Stay well,

Hi Lisa,

Will do when I get there, it all feels too new at the moment to feel I have had success…I am working on it, and wake up each morning hoping today will be as OK as yesterday. It has only been less than a month , and still a bit up and down ,so I am not tempting fate by going near the success pages !
But I am enjoying the sensation of sometimes forgetting all about it.
I wish the same for you all.
I so miss red wine and chocolate, and cheese and all the rest !


Thanks Penny! I looked back at your earlier posts and I believe you got better on Nortriptyline? I was wondering if you could share the dose you are on, how long you are on it, and about how long it took for you to notice some of your symptoms abating.

— Begin quote from “Timeless”

I was wondering how many of you have nausea spells in the midst of this…it has gotten to the point where everyday here as of late I am getting nauseated at least once a day.

This is something new…and I wonder if this is part of the MAV or could it be something else…

— End quote

I got nauseous in the beginning during my worst days. Every now and again, I’ll experience a stomach churn if I move too fast on a bad day. It’s part of why I move slowly. I’d rather give birth than be nauseous!

Hi Lisa,
Happy to share. I started on the Norti 10 mg at the start of July after 2 months doing the diet, slightly better but far from great.Felt small difference almost straight away…10 days / 2 weeks, but not good enough so upped to 20 mg mid July and have been on 20 mg ever since.
Should be thinking about upping to 30 now , but very unsure if I want to or should so waiting to talk to doctor.
With the 20 mg felt slowly better, through August up and down, but in the last month something seemed to kick in and I almost felt normal most of the time apart from odd moments and storms , so not sure if upping will make me feel fabulous or if the side effects will then kick in and I will feel worse.
So far I have not had any problems at all with the meds despite really not wanting to take them and really wanting to do it without.
Hope this helps.

You ? How’s it going ?


I am nauseous every day, especially if I am active or my husband drives the car quickly or hits potholes. I came within inches of vomiting all over him 2 days ago when he helped me out of the car. I have meds-Tigan-for the nausea, but I take so many meds that I try to use a hotpack on my stomach first. It works pretty well! So every evening I have hotpacks on my stomach and icepacks on my head!



so great that you are seeing improvements on just 20mg. I was told by most docs that most don’t see improvements until at least 30, so that is wonderful that 20 is making a difference, I would imagine that once your body adjusts to increases in dosages you’ll do better and better. Sorry to make you repeat things - just wondering what your symptoms were like before, and what has improved. I tried Nort last year (before doc took me off of it), and at that time only got up to 20 and stayed on it for 2 weeks. I didn’t see improvements, but I’m hoping with more time or a higher dose it will help. I am pregnant now, but will most probably return to that med after I have the baby. I am so ill now. I am pretty much bedridden. you give me some hope. this is such a dreadful illness.


Lisa, so sorry you feel so bad. I know that feeling all too well.
My MAV creeped up gradually on me,I had no idea what it was over a year and a half of dizziness that came and went , but at my peak in mid March I was in a hotel room in LA,on my own, far away from home (…Europe ), 3 days after the flight over there I felt very strange ,massive exhaustion like I had been drugged ,dizziness…nothing moved around me but I felt unstable like I was not sure where the floor was,my legs felt wobbly like before an exam , my arms felt bloodless, I had strange sensations in my right eye, nothing visual but like my eye was a big wet hole or like it was drooping closed.I cried all the time. My jaw felt like it was clenched and I couldn’t eat.Speaking made me feel sick.I walked like I was walking on the moon, like I needed to hold on to the walls , like I didn’t have the strength to carry my own weight.
I had always wanted to be skinny but here I was with my jeans falling off me and my hip bones sticking out feeling so scared that I was dying !
When I finally got home after being cured by a dose of sudafed…it all disappeared like magic,and a week later, it all came back. All the same things but less extreme, up and down everyday for another month until I started the diet.I then slowly started to have less wretched days, everything got slightly less, I had no life as I could just get to work but had not energy left for anything else ,and never know when it was gonna hit me. I hated being on my own in case I fell over or couldn’t walk any more…never happened but I felt that it would.
My doctor is in the UK, I get the impression that the US care is more med aggressive with higher doses sooner…reading that doctors often up the norti dose each week.His approach seems to be a slow increase if needed. I was suprised that the 20 mg seems to have helped so much , but like I said, I may need to up it,things are still slightly funky and the improvement has been gradual over the 2 months on the 20 mg. I had a lovely mail from a lady on the other site I follow…dizzytimes .com. She told me her story was similar to mine and that she is much better now I think 8 months on 20 mgs so I guess a low dose can be all you need, in some cases.
I have been lucky, the first meds I tried seemed to have had a positive impact, I am also doing vrt too, and my feeling almost normal seems to have clashed with that too, but I am far from making assumptions if it is connected. And I am very aware that everything could come back and I could be back to square one, it all feels so fragile.
Now everything is so much better I stil get the nausea, still get the weird eye feeling and sometimes feel that the floor is in no way connected to my feet when I am waking, but it is all very slight, and bearable.
I am so sorry you are having such a tough time.
My thoughts are with you, please let me know how you get on, and if things get better the more pregnant you get. I always thought it was something that got better with pregnancy.This is horrible and so strange that most of the time it feels surreal that so many of us are linked with this weirdness that the rest of the world has no idea about.
Take care




Thanks so much for your response. I will surely keep you posted on how i’m doing, and please do the same. I wish you all the best!!