Nearly dizzy free day!

Just wanted to let u all know I had a basically dizzy free day yesterday! My first in 9 months! It was amazing. I have had so many better days since starting the antibiotics. I still have some shockers but things are moving in the right direction. That’s all. Xx

That’s fantastic Lizzie! So good to hear. It must have given you a real boost and also seems to confirm you’re on the right track. After all you’ve been through that must be so reassuring and gives you great hope for the future. Really pleased for you. Thanks for letting us know.

That’s great Lizzie, hopefully the good days will start to outweigh the bad! xx

Wow DL – that’s amazing. Keep us posted. Hoping this really sticks and it truly is Lyme that has been triggering this (now on its way out). S

Thanks guys. Cautiously optimistic! We shall have to see where I am when the Lyme trigger is removed and how many symptoms are residual migraine. Might need to gabapentin too, fingers crossed. Xxx

that’s awesome lizzie!!! have any of your other neuro symptoms improved? keep us posted!!!

Yes the tremor has disapppeared…the tingling, muscle twitching and headache are still there but are milder…the fatigue can still utterly floor me but hoping that’ll lift too. xx

Hi DLizzie,
I’m also really glad to hear that! I hope you continue improving.

Best wishes,

That’s really fantastic news !!!

It sounds like you are now on the right path :slight_smile:

Keep us posted ! So happy for you!

Congratulations and thank you for sharing. Your posts have and will inspire and inform many. Wishing you all the luck for your continuous improvement xo