Neck Manipulation


I was wondering if massage, accupuncture or any other kind of neck manipulation has aggravated anyone else’s symptoms? I primarily suffer from regular dizziness and off-balance sensation…plus my neck is stiff a lot. Whenever I have tried any type of massage or manipulation, it worsens my symptoms. Is this normal?


I’ve noticed massage and accupuncture have aggrevated my symptoms, not sure why. I’ve also tried chiropractic and osteopathic but niether have had an affect (good or bad) on my condition. The reason I’ve tried all these treatments is to try to relieve the daily pain I have in my neck. Perhaps the Migraine causes the pain so I may just be waisting my time and $$$

Thanks Steven…


Definitely – massage can really make things so much worse for me. It depends. On other occasions it has helped. I used to see a chiro but found I got more lasting results from physiotherapy. Chiro sometimes made things worse too.


I’ve tried seeing a chiropracter and an osteopath, none of which helped or worsened my symptons…I may try accupuncture at some point but I’ve never actually met anyone who said it has worked, my only thinking is its been around for so long that it must work for some people or surely it would have died a death a long time ago???

I’m sure my neck is something to do with my problems, maybe not entirely but playing a role in it anyway. When I turn my head to the right (on full lock if you like) the tinnitus in my left ear gets louder and higher pitched but it doesnt happen if I do the same on the opposite side??? I’m booked in to see a physio next week anyway to see if I can get any results that way. My negative nature makes me think it’ll just be more money down the sh!tter though!!!

Heres hoping


I see an osteo occassionally for an old whiplash injury. Makes no difference to my MAV symptoms, but I do find massage helps - my head is always really clear for a few days afterwards (and sometimes the MAV spins are better too but not always) but my massage guy is a sports massage person not a “relaxation” massage person.

Accupuncture made no difference for me re MAV but did wonders for my eczema (in combination with herbs) - but that’s probably not much help for you :lol:


Good somatotherapy of whatever sort ameliorates pain and restriction right away in my own experience. If it doesn’t, I don’t consider the work all that good. Easing pain and restriction diminishes brain fog and headache.