Neck pain that started with relapse

Refering back to my neck pain that started this relapse (a quick reminder I stretched and immediately I had a vertigo attack)I have been having mini spins and totally off balance since,now im wondering if my neck really does have something to do with my MAV as I also get a pins and needles feeling in my last two fingers on my left side, now ive also read on this forum that the neck pain is triggered by the migraine, im so confused can anyone shed some light on this situation please??

You can also get a stiff neck because the brain tries hard to keep everything still because of the vestibular deficit.

I haven’t had it for a long time, but this was a symptom I had in the early days.

I had not had neck pain since this first started back in 2012 and then just recently its hard to know what causes what in this condition, this morning I was thinking of ringing my gp and asking to be refered to a neck specialist but then I bottled it as I don’t want them to make me worse!

Tricky, are you getting out for light exercise, not stuck at home?

I try and do bits and bobs around the house and do my shopping but I try and save all my energy for the 3 days I go to work, but im off till next Thursday as I had holidays to use up!

Going for a long walk is really good for your mood, your neck and your vestibular system in general. Highly recommended. I’ve lost count of the number of walks I’ve been on in the last 2 years :).

My atlas goes out and triggers both dizziness and migraine. I see an atlas orthogonal chiropractor weekly or 2x a month, at least. Look up atlas subluxation on Google and see if the symptoms fit.

The tingling in your two fingers could indicate that something is pressing on a nerve. The discs between your spinal vertebrae can sometimes bulge and press on nerves. (As a layman I may not be using all of the correct terminology but if not, someone with more medical knowledge can correct me.)

Take a look at this dermatome map. It shows the parts of the body that are affected if something is pressing on a nerve.

Look at the last two fingers on the hand. Note that they are labeled as “C8.” That means that it’s the nerves near the C8 vertebra that affect those two fingers.

So something around your C8 vertebra could be pressing on a nerve.


Yes, totally agree (oops missed that evidence), but this is not necessarily just the spine? - I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder once which caused this - in fact it was so bad I couldn’t move my fingers properly at one point!

Either way, it comes down to the same thing - being too stiff! Get out for some exercise and reeeelaaaaxxxxx. Sitting around does not count … you need to free up the body and move.

My stiffness was chronic … I actually took up street dance to get rid of it - and that worked - not so useful advice for people with a balance problem though!

Unless it’s really bad you don’t need a chiropractor, just the opportunity for some extended light movement.

There is no way to fix the atlas without some help. With help, though, I’ve had major benefit.

My oto-neurologist told me whatever I do, stay away from chiropractors!

I would recommend extended light exercise as a conservative first step.

Mileage varies. The AO Chiro made a huge difference for me. This is not the garden variety bone cracker. They are as different from regular chiros as oral surgeons are to dentists.

now that is interesting james, my neck is still playing up :frowning:

Oh no. Have you tried those walks and other suggestions?

yes ive tried everything so im at abit of a loss to what to do :disappointed_relieved:

That’s very odd. What is your dose these days?

75mg of nortriptyline and 120mg of propranolol so quite high doses really, i think im a robot :joy:

Yes that’s high. Very odd. Have you considered getting another opinion?

i have but its unfortunate i wouldn’t know where to start with it all my doctors are a waste of space and wouldn’t refer me if i tried its so frustrating!

I think most simply follow professional guidelines. In my experience 75% useless. You may get lucky and find one eventually who thinks outside the box.

Migraine does not cause migraine: ie there is definitely a cause to each persons dizziness. But giving us drugs to mitigate (not cure) these conditions is all doctors seem to do. It’s BS & not good enough.