Neck pain

I have very severe stiff Neck that runs along the top halfway down my back, right along my spine. Is it worth seeing a chiro for this? I am in the middle of a mav phase, and it does go away when l am back to normal.

Cheers sue :smiley:

Hi Sue
A stiff neck & upper back go hand in hand with Migraine. As you say, it goes away when you feel better so why risk putting yourself in a position where you may feel worse? No knowing that I had MAV, I went to a chiro for stiff neck & upper back. He got me to sign a paper relagating all responsibility to me for any bad outcome of treatment. I should have been suspicious at the request but being in a MAV fog I signed it. Had spinning vertio which lasted for hours about half an hour after I left his office. My husband rang the next day to tell them but I’ve never heard from his practice since. I went to my GP and she said he’d obviously put pressure on a nerve running down the spine which can cause vertigo. Her advice: don’t have any chiropractic treatment on your neck!
Maybe a physio would be a better option although physio I’ve had didn’t resolve the pain so I could have saved my money!

i’ve had 2 friends get dizziness relief from chiropractors, so if you do go, definitely go to one who is reputable! i’ve been to 2 and have had no relief but also no bad luck so just do your research, tell them your background and go with your gut.

i had a chiropractor put an injured ankle back into place when i was on a movie set and it has been “like new” ever since. i think some are better than others and believe the ones that are good are great!

Maybe some hydromassage?
For me, 10-20 minutes’ alternating heating pad and coolth, even icepacks, sometimes gives some relief, too.


I would recommend not going to a chiropractor but instead seeing a physiotherapist (or PT as they are called in the States). There’s added risk having your neck cracked by a chiro. A physio will actually treat specific areas in the neck where you may have knots and also give you home exercises to do to keep things loosened up.

Best … Scott